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Runaway dump truck kills 5-year-old boy, crashes into home near N.C. construction site


The badly damaged dump truck is seen after being removed from the home it hit in this still from ABC 11 WTVD footage.

A 5-year-old boy was killed earlier this week after a dump truck rolled away from a residential construction site in North Carolina and ran him over.

Police have charged a worker with the boy’s death officials say is in the country illegally.

According to a report from WTVD ABC 11, while a crew on a residential construction site in Hillsborough, North Carolina, loaded a dump truck Monday afternoon (Dec. 26), the truck suddenly began rolling forward, heading downhill from the site before crashing into the garage of a nearby home in the Forest Ridge subdivision.

In the truck’s path was a group of children playing soccer in front of the garage. The boy hit by the truck was identified as Everett Copeland, reports WNCN. ABC 13 reports that CPR was administered to Copeland following the incident before he was transferred to Duke University Hospital. The boy died later that day.

ABC 13 reports that no one was inside the truck when it began rolling downhill. However, authorities arrested and charged Alejandro Suarez, 28, with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. Suarez, authorities say, was the worker on the jobsite in charge of operating the truck.

“At this point, we don’t believe the vehicle was properly secured,” Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton told ABC 13. “We will also be following up the investigation, looking at the mechanical condition of the vehicle and confirming all of the working relationships, regarding specifically which company the crew was working for.”

A follow-up report from WNCN says police determined that Suarez “left the truck, which was on a hill, unattended, without turning off the engine and effectively setting the parking break.”

WNCN reports that Suarez is employed by Kala Contracting, Inc., a company listed under revenue suspension by the North Carolina Secretary of State. He is also an illegal immigrant, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE issued a statement calling Suarez a “Mexican national unlawfully present in the United States,” adding that he is “an ICE enforcement priority due to a prior conviction for driving under the influence in 2009.”

Suarez remains in the Orange County jail on $10,000 bond and had his first court appearance via video on Wednesday.

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As Ford launches 2017 Super Duty recall, Consumer Reports drops recommendation of F-150


2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch Crew Cab 4×4

Though the 2017 Super Duty has won just about every award and piece of critical acclaim a pickup can win this year, the last half of 2016 has proven a bit rocky for Ford with the automaker issuing numerous costly recalls amid the already-pricey launch of the next-generation heavy duty pickup.

Compounding these troubles is news that venerable reviews publication Consumer Reports has dropped its recommendation of the F-150 due to “declining reliability.”

Ford’s latest recall affects the 2017 Super Duty as 8,000 of these pickups are being called in to be inspected for a missing fuel tank strap reinforcement. Dealers will inspect for the presence of a reinforcement bracket on the No. 3 crossmember at the front fuel tank strap attachment location. If no reinforcement bracket is found, the dealer will install one at no cost to the customer.

In the affected vehicles, over time, a missing reinforcement could lead to a fuel tank strap separating from the frame, Ford says, resulting in the fuel tank moving out of position and potentially contacting the ground, increasing the risk of a fuel leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of fire.

Ford is not aware of any fires, accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

Affected vehicles include certain 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks built at Kentucky Truck Plant, Aug. 10, 2016 to Sept. 17, 2016.

There are approximately 8,069 vehicles affected, including 7,103 in the United States, 964 in Canada and two in federalized territories. The Ford reference number for this recall is 16S45.

It’s the second recall to affect the 2017 Super Duty since the new truck lineup launched this fall. In October, Ford recalled 180 2017 Super Duty pickups to replace the adhesive-mounted protective shield on the fuel conditioning module with a bolt-on metallic protective shield. Also in October, Ford announced a $600 million loss due to a massive 2.4 million-vehicle recall over faulty door latches. F-Series trucks were not affected by that recall.

With that loss and the high cost of re-tooling its Kentucky truck plant for the Super Duty launch, Ford announced a drop in income of 56 percent in the third quarter along with a $2.2 billion drop in revenue.

F-150 no longer recommended by Consumer Reports

In Consumer Reports December edition, Ford’s F-150 reliability rating dropped to the point that the iconic pickup is “no longer recommended.”

We reached out to Ford for comment on the non-profit research group’s annual auto reliability report, which covers more than 300 vehicle models. The F-150 is one of 11 vehicles that ended up this year on Consumer Report’s ‘No longer recommended’ list owed to declining reliability, the magazine reports. F-150 was the only truck on the list.

‘’We remain absolutely committed to continuous improvement by listening to customer feedback and anticipating their wants and needs. We are rapidly implementing solutions that will help us reach best-in-class levels in quality, initial reliability and long-term durability,” Ford spokesman Deeptie Sethie said.

“With nearly 40 years of truck leadership, Ford is continuing its relentless pace of innovation to make America’s best-selling truck even better – including the addition of class-leading features and technologies such as lane keeping and active-park assist systems, 360 degree camera systems, as well as an all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with segment-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission for improved fuel economy, performance and refinement.”

Other Ford vehicles that took a hit include the Ford Focus, which the magazine ranks as the least reliable compact car, and the Ford Fiesta, which came in as the least reliable subcompact.

Consumer Reports annual reliability ratings are based on road-test scores; predicted reliability and owner-satisfaction data from its Annual Auto Survey; and independent safety testing.

Consumer Reports surveys our magazine and website subscribers each year to ask about any serious problems they’ve had with their vehicles in the preceding 12 months,” the magazine reports on its website. “The latest large-scale survey collected detailed data on more half a million vehicles, giving us a solid source for chronicling past reliability and predicting future performance.”

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Doggett Equipment Services implements Safety Vision for collision avoidance


Observer 4100

Heavy equipment dealer Doggett Equipment Services has picked Safety Vision for providing collision avoidance systems and on-board digital video recording for its 80-vehicle service fleet.

Doggett Equipment has 30 dealerships across Texas and Louisiana, and is headquartered in Houston with regional headquarters in San Antonio and Baton Rouge Louisiana. It has more than 1,500 employees total, with more than 70 service employees on the road at any given time.

The company selected Safety Vision’s Observer 4100 digital video recorder and 41 series mini-dome cameras, which will face out of the windshield. Also included is a rear-facing camera and cabin-mounted monitor for collision avoidance. Recorded video is downloaded via wireless connectivity to a central server automatically when the vehicle returns to its dealership.

“Many of my clients outfitting service truck fleets are only interested in a rear vision system,” says Tom Clark, Safety Vision account executive. “Doggett made a great choice to add the Observer 4100 into the mix. Now they have forward-facing and cabin views and they’re all recorded. The wireless download features makes it easy for them to manage all the video. In the future, they can easily add fleet tracking and live look-in. It’s going to be a great value for them.”

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South Mountain Freeway, Arizona’s largest-ever highway project, to lay a foundation in 2017


Editor’s Note: The following editorial was provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Construction scheduled to start early next year on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway may not be as visual as the 22 miles of uninterrupted asphalt to come, but each task lays a foundation for completing this link between the West Valley and East Valley by the end of 2019.

Along the freeway corridor in the first half of 2017, you may see crews setting foundations for some of the 40 bridges that will be built, including two 2,700-foot-long spans across the Salt River. Or widening eastbound lanes of Pecos Road to maintain two-way traffic flow during construction. Or creating access roads at the freeway’s future interchange with Interstate 10 in west Phoenix.

Other construction scheduled for early 2017 by Connect202 Partners, the developer responsible for designing and building the $1.77 billion freeway, includes creating drainage structures and roadway embankments, relocating utilities and continuing to extend HOV lanes west from the Loop 202 Santan Freeway.

As mainline work starts on the Arizona Department of Transportation’s largest-ever highway project, detailed information on these and other construction plans, as well as traffic impacts, is available at SouthMountainFreeway.com. You can also sign up there to receive project alerts.

RELATED >> Court dismisses environmental suit against the Phoenix South Mountain Freeway

Freeway construction is divided into four segments: Interstate 10 Papago, between the I-10 Papago Freeway interchange at 59th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road; Salt River, from Lower Buckeye Road to 51st Avenue near Estrella Drive; Center, from 51st Avenue to 32nd Lane; and Pecos Road, from 32nd Lane to the I-10/Loop 202 Santan Freeway interchange.

In the first half of 2017, construction will occur in all but the Center segment, where work isn’t scheduled to begin until mid-2018. For more information on construction planned in particular segment, visit SouthMountainFreeway.com (click Construction Info).

Preliminary construction began in September with improvements to the I-10/Loop 202 Santan Freeway interchange, including extending Loop 202 HOV lanes and widening the Pecos Road shoulders to near 48th Street. On the west side of the project, utility work has included relocating large Salt River Project siphons carrying water under I-10.

The 22-mile freeway, expected to open late 2019, will provide a long-planned direct link between the East Valley and West Valley and a much-needed alternative to Interstate 10 through downtown Phoenix. Approved by Maricopa County voters in 1985 and again in 2004 as part of a comprehensive regional transportation plan, the South Mountain Freeway will complete the Loop 202 and Loop 101 freeway system in the Valley.

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Caltrans automated warning system provides real-time info to motorists (VIDEO)


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has strengthened its automated warning system (AWS) throughout the state as a means of increasing traffic safety and efficiency to the more than 30 million registered vehicles there.

Caltrans’ AWS systems are being installed to monitor road conditions, weather and travel times, and provide real-time details to motorists. To monitor these conditions, wire loops are embedded in the pavement to determine travel speeds and when traffic is stopped. Weather conditions are monitored by roadside weather stations and visibility meters.

The department says in the future it will install Bluetooth sensors that will be able to read signals emitted from mobile devices and navigation systems in passing vehicles.

“As California’s population continues to increase, so does the number of motorists on the state’s highways and interstates,” the agency reports. “This growth presents Caltrans with the complex challenge of continuing to provide and maintain a reliable, sustainable transportation system, while also innovating to increase safety and efficiency.”

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Dave Ross to replace Mark Gottlieb as Wisconsin DOT secretary


Incoming WisDOT Secretary Dave Ross, left, speaks with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker has named Dave Ross as the next Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Secretary, replacing Mark Gottlieb who resigning effective Jan. 6.

Ross, who will take over the department Jan. 7, formerly served as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. Before that, he served two terms as mayor of Superior, Wisconsin.

“Dave Ross has been an outstanding leader for our administration at the DSPS since 2011,” says Walker. “Dave has always looked to improve the way government operates, and I am confident he will bring the same innovative, taxpayer-first approach to the DOT.”

“I thank Governor Walker for placing his trust in me to run the DOT,” Secretary Ross said. “I look forward to hitting the ground running and continuing to serve as a strong taxpayer advocate for Governor Walker in this new role.”

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Two bridge replacements complete at Rondout Reservoir in NY


Photo: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The $7 million replacement of two 60-year-old bridges— the 150-foot-long Lows Corners Bridge carrying Route 55A over Rondout Creek, and the 50-foot-long Sugarloaf Bridge carrying Sundown Road over Sugarloaf Brook—has been completed, MidHudsonNews.com reports.

The two bridges are located at the upper end of Rondout Reservoir in Sullivan County, New York.

“Projects like this are important for the operation and maintenance of our water supply, and for local motorists who travel roads around Rondout Reservoir every day,” Acting New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Vincent Sapienza told the news agency.

Replacement work began on the two bridges in May 2016. The DEP owns, operates and maintains both bridges, as well as 55 other bridges and 99 miles of roads throughout New York’s upstate water supply system.

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The Top 10 Construction Equipment Videos of 2016


With just a few days left in 2016, we’ve gone back through our thousands of posts to determine the top 10 construction equipment videos on the site for the year.

These are ranked in order based on the number of clicks you, our dear readers (and watchers), provided. And this might actually be our favorite mix of videos since we started doing this annual roundup. So join us as we take a look back by scrolling through the videos below.

#10: Chevy and Ford butt heads over truck bed puncture testing (and Honda awkwardly inserts itself)

Skid-Steer loaders drop approximately 825 pounds of landscaping blocks into the beds of a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and a 2016 Ford F-150 (from left to right).

In a memorable swipe at Ford, Chevrolet in June released a video showing various comparison tests that left Ford’s aluminum F-150 truck bed severely punctured and looking like “Swiss cheese”, according to one observer.

Ford dismissed the tests as marketing stunts and said that its lead over competitors in the pickup segment continues to grow.

Chevy reported subjecting a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and a 2016 F-150 to the same three puncture tests on the vehicles’ truck beds. Twelve pairs of trucks were used during the tests, most of which were conducted in front of consumers invited by Chevy.

In one test, 55 landscaping blocks weighing more than 825 pounds were dropped from a skid-steer bucket five feet above the truck beds. The steel bed of the Silverado had dents and scratches while the aluminum bed of the F-150 had dents, scratches and punctures. After a total of 12 drops, Chevy reports that the Silverado had no punctures while the F-150 had 55.

In the tool box drop test, a tool box weighing 28 pounds was pushed diagonally off the side rail of the truck bed so that a corner of the box would strike the floor of the bed. After a dozen drops, the Silverado had two punctures while the F-150 had 13.

And later that month, Honda jumped into the middle of this scuffle with an impressive demo of its own. Though only one load was dropped from a height of roughly four feet, the Ridgeline’s composite bed appears to have held up better than the steel or aluminum beds subjected to similar challenges by Chevrolet and Ford.

#9: Amphibious Komatsu D155W dozer is an earthmoving submarine

Common in many areas are amphibious excavators, machines able to continue working while treading shallow waters. But those machines are built to float. Komatsu’s amphibious D155W bulldozer on the other hand, is more like a submarine with a bucket, meant to work while fully submerged, save for its snorkel-like smokestack.

In the video below you can watch two D155Ws working to restore a harbor in the Iwate prefecture damaged in the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake. According to Komatsu, these machines were actually discontinued in 1993 but were brought back into service by the company to assist in the reconstruction effort.

The machines, operated by remote control, are capable of working up to 23 feet underwater thanks to a watertight compartment housing the engine. Its snorkel-like high stack pulls in air and expels engine exhaust.

Only 36 of these dozers were ever produced between 1971 and 1993. The five remaining are all owned by Komatsu.

#8: Old dozer holds its own in tug battle against 2 tracked tractors

Dozer tractor tug of war

Tug of war videos never get old and this one certainly doesn’t buck the trend. Here we’ve got a matchup of Old vs. New, and while it’s not exactly a fair fight, the vintage dozer certainly holds its own against these two tracked tractors.

When the matchup is reduced to one on one, however, it’s no contest as the tracked whippersnappers prove no match for this vintage powerhouse.

#7: 3 excavators, 2 dozers team up to move 100-year, 518k-lb. tree to new home


Who knew an old tree could make for such a fun video?

According to the YouTube description for this video, in 2012, League City, Texas, officials decided to finance the relocation of the Ghirardi Compton Oak, a 56-foot-tall tree that is more than 100 years old with a beautiful canopy that is more than 100 feet wide. The tree’s original location would have put it in danger due to a road widening project.

But it was no easy task. Weighing in at 518,000 pounds, the job took Hess Landscaping Construction just under a month to complete and the entire quarter-mile-long move is chronicled in the video below. Some really impressive stuff.

And just in case you’re interested in how the tree is doing, though many trees don’t survive such a relocation, the Ghirardi Compton Oak has made it thus far and is the centerpiece of a new park. However, according to a 2014 report from the Houston Chronicle, the tree was showing signs of a deadly and untreatable disease called Hypoxylon canker. The good news is that Hess Landscaping was able to come back in and do some drainage work that caused the disease to begin retreating.

#6: 3 jacked up pickups in tug of war with Volvo A25G artic would be cute if it weren’t so sad

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.09.55 PM

They seemingly had all the straps, shackles, lift kits and giant tires in the world. And yet…

As the emcee says at the beginning of this video “This really could be badass, or it could be boring.” We’d contend that it’s boring but still definitely badass.

Look, there are three very lifted pickups and an artic strapped together and driving in opposite directions. And the pickups give a valiant effort. It simply can’t be helped, and shouldn’t be held against the very idea of such a competition, that the artic is an impressive piece of equipment.

So, go ahead and enjoy. It’s a foregone conclusion, but it’s a fun foregone conclusion.

#5: Crews ‘insert’ tunnel beneath Dutch highway in just one weekend

Dutch highway tunnel insertion

Dutch road construction crews are taking the word efficient to entirely new levels.

In May, crews with Rijkswaterstaat, the infrastructure management agency in the Netherlands, installed a tunnel beneath highway A12 near the city of Ede. The tunnel, which weighs 3,600 tons and measures 230 feet long was installed below the highway in just one weekend, according to the Rijkswaterstaat website, by digging away the highway and inserting the new tunnel.

A time-lapse captured by the agency chronicles the entire process. Pretty impressive.

#4: Excavator operator realizes error, grasps for shore, sinks boat anyway

Excavator sinks boat

At absolutely no point in the video below, fittingly accompanied by Yakety Sax, does it appear that this excavator is going to successfully board that boat. It looks like a bad idea, goes wrong almost immediately and quickly transforms into a frantic scramble to get the excavator off of the boat.

With the boat lost, the excavator operator then tries to at least save his machine, with one last desperate grab for the shore, but ultimately fails. And to add insult to injury, as the machine tips back into the water, a bucket full of soil falls on his head. Good grief.

#3: Watch a Cat track skidder zipline off a mountain

Cat track skidder zipline

A Caterpillar track skidder is one tough machine. It’s built specifically for log skidding and, according to the Cat website, all the “mountainous and soft underfoot” conditions that type of work includes.

But sometimes it’s not as simple as driving these machines in and out of the site. Sometimes the grade is simply too steep to traverse safely. That’s when you bring in the zipline.

To be sure, this isn’t as simple as hoisting this 517 up and pushing it off the mountain. It’s a pretty delicate process as the video below illustrates involving an intricate pulley system and another machine to provide the rear hoist. Pretty cool stuff.

#2: Massive earthmover tire explosion shows why you should cage ‘em before you inflate ‘em


While being within 10 feet of this explosion means you’re going to have a bad time regardless, this incredible video from the folks at Ken-Tool shows how having a tire inflation cage can save your life or livelihood.

In the video below, Ken-Tool’s 10-bar EarthMover tire inflation cage is put through OSHA certification explosion testing. A 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover with three-piece steel wheel is inflated to 150 psi at which point it explodes in terrifying fashion. While the blast puffs the cage out like a blowfish, the cage effectively absorbs the explosion and, according to Ken-Tool, keeps all of the tire and wheel components from escaping.

#1: Full-width paving project orchestrates dozens of machines, lays 8,000 tons of asphalt in one day

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.38.14 AM

A video by Dmitry Chistoprudov shows a heavily orchestrated performance of paving recently on a section of Tverskaya Street in Moscow near the Kremlin/Red Square area, with the entire width of the roadway being paved at roughly the same time.

Chistoprudov says in the video description that over the course of a day 8,000 tons of asphalt was placed on more than 32,000 square meters, with roughly 300 pieces of equipment involved.

In the video below you can do your own counting of rollers, Vogele pavers and dump trucks. At various points in the video at least 14 rollers can be seen in one frame, five to six pavers in another, and more than 20 dump trucks in yet another.

It would seem a major task to shut down this major thoroughfare, but could be considered worth it if the work was done in one day, as Chistoprudov indicates.

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What to See at ConExpo 2017: Atlas Copco, Thunder Creek Equipment, ESCO, and Bair in the Central Hall


The big show is fast approaching, and ConExpo exhibitors have given us a sneak peek into what they’ll have in store for those attending the March 7-11 massive exhibition. To view previous preview entries for ConExpo 2016 click here. Here’s the spotlight on three exhibitors in the Central Hall:

Atlas Copco, booth C-31486

Atlas Copco will showcase several new products, including the F1200C compact track paver, which has a laying capacity of 330 tons per hour. Equipped with a V240VE screed, the machine can be used in a wide range of jobs, including cycle paths, sidewalks, repair work, parking garages and sports fields. Featuring a 4-cylinder Tier 4 Final Deutz engine, the machine can pave up to 10 inches thick and 10 feet wide. Improved long tracks and hydraulic motors give the unit a fast transport and working speed. A 5.5-ton capacity hopper offers advantages in tight areas where refilling is a problem.

Other equipment on display: HiLight V5+ light towers, the R TEX pneumatic breaker and Next Gen bucket crusher.

Thunder Creek Equipment, booth C-22521

Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) legally transport bulk diesel on the road without requiring drivers to maintain a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. Available in 460-, 690- and 920-gallon capacities, the MMT also includes bulk diesel exhaust fluid storage and dispensing solutions. Diesel is isolated in four, six or eight separate 115-gallon DOT-compliant non-bulk tanks. These tanks are joined by a manifold to a common pump, creating isolation during transport and controlled dispensing of fuel at the jobsite.

Other equipment on display: The redesigned Service & Lube Trailer, capable of holding 440 gallons of fluid in up to eight tanks.

Bair Products, booth C-22032

Super Forks offers a utility carrier with an extra wide frame to safely move large and long pipe, in addition to large flat sheets of material. Hauls pipe both horizontally and vertically.

Other equipment on display: Bair’s full undercarriage parts inventory for Cat, ASV and Terex compact track loaders.

ESCO, booth C-20505

esco-sxdp-front-esco-scrollThe ESC SXDP Super Extreme Duty Plate Lip excavator bucket features an extreme duty wear package. This package includes double cast shrouds on each wing, cast corner wear shoes (heel bands), cast weld-on lip shrouds, chisel points for penetration and strength and an AR400 horizontal wear kit and vertical wear pads.

Other equipment on display: The Flat-bottom HDP excavator bucket, general purpose bucket for wheel loaders, MaxDRP OEM replacement products and Ultralok construction tooth system.

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John Deere presents 4 Rivers Equipment with Onyx Circle award


Presenting the award to 4 Rivers Equipment’s CEO Keith Olson, was Kevin Kruck, the John Deere Division/Regional Manager.

John Deere Construction and Forestry has presented 4 Rivers Equipment with the Onyx Circle Award, as one of the three top-performing dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Onyx Circle Award

Since 2011, John Deere has presented the award after performing a dealership performance review for the top market share, product support and return on sales.

“It is an honor to be recognized for all of the hard work that has been done in 2016,” says 4 Rivers CEO Keith Olson. “But we would be remised if we did not recognize that 4Rivers Equipment has won this award four out of the five years that the program has been in effect.”

“Over the last few years, 4 Rivers Equipment has been able to produce outstanding results, and we feel that deserves recognition,” says Domenic Ruccolo, senior vice president of sales and marketing for John Deere’s Worldwide Construction and Forestry Division. “We congratulate them for their hard work and success, and more importantly, we thank them for being invaluable partners for John Deere.”

4 Rivers Equipment has 14 dealerships across Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico and celebrates 91 years of service this year.

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