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Cat unveils D6T dozer with fully auto transmission, big fuel savings, standard GRADE tech


Cat has updated its D6T bulldozer with a new transmission that the company says makes the machine not only easier to operate but much more fuel efficient.

The new machine is powered by a Tier 4 Final Cat C9.3 ACERT delivering 215 horsepower (253 gross). The engine is now paired with a fully automatic, four-speed, power-shift transmission with an integral lock-up clutch. Cat says the new transmission is capable of reducing fuel use by up to 20 percent in heavy work and up to 30 percent in light work and finish grading applications.

Operation with this new automatic transmission is as simple as setting the ground speed. From there the transmission chooses the gear and engine speed that are most efficient for current operating conditions.

For smoother shifting and in order to maintain power to the ground during load changes, the transmission adds a gear between the first and second ranges. Cat says this added gear also allows the machine to “remain in the most efficient mode” for longer periods of time.

Cat says the effect of this new transmission is “an aggressive feel in the dirt,” while boosting productivity by 2.5 percent.

GRADE technology standard

Further increasing productivity is a suite of Cat’s GRADE technologies. The following come standard on the new machine:

GRADE with Slope Assist: A new standard feature, this system automatically maintains pre-established blade positioning without the need for added hardware or a GPS signal.

Slope Indicate: Displays machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor

Stable Blade: Assists operator blade-control input to require less effort

The following are available options:

GRADE with 3D: This factory-integrated grade control system provides 3D guidance for production dozing and fine grading. It features roof-mounted antennas rather than blade-mounted. Cat AccuGrade is included with the system along with Cat’s AutoCarry system which adjusts the blade for optimum load retention.

AccuGrade: This dealer-installed aftermarket grade control system gives scalable flexibility for changing needs, and ranges from lasers for 2D flat-plane and slope work, to GNSS systems or universal total stations for more complex contours and finish grading.

AccuGrade Ready: This factory configuration makes the D6T able to more quickly accept an upgrade to AccuGrade 2D or 3D systems.

Cat notes that the D6T also comes with its Product Link telematics system integrated. Product Link provides location, machine hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, diagnostic codes and other machine data on demand through its VisionLink online interface.

The Cat D6T has an operating weight range between 47,846 and 54,526 pounds. Blade capacity ranges between 4.96 and 7.38 cubic yards.

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Link-Belt unveils 75RT rough terrain crane with new cab, updated operating system


Calling it the “next generation of the rough terrain crane,” Link-Belt has introduced the 75RT, a machine featuring the company’s updated crane operating system, a new cab and a new system that assists operators in confined areas.

Powered by a Cummins Tier 4 Final QSB 6.7-liter engine producing 270 horsepower, the 75RT transports fully loaded with counterweight under 100,000 pounds and under 90,000 pounds without counterweight.

The 75RT features a five-section 38-145-foot boom with two extend modes: EM1 and EM2. A two-piece (35-58 ft.) and three-piece bi-folding fly (10-35-58 ft.) are both available for a tip height of 208.7 feet. The crane’s matching main and auxiliary winches offer 18,603 pounds of maximum line pull and a maximum winch speed of 485 feet per minute.

The crane’s standout features center around technology and operator comfort.

The RT75 runs Pulse 2.0, the new generation of Link-Belt’s crane operating system. Featuring programmable features, a WiFi hub and a new, larger 10-inch display, Pulse 2.0 also allows the crane’s software to be updated and serviced remotely.

The crane is also Link-Belt’s first to feature V-CALC or Variable Confined Area Lifting Capabilities. Here’s Link-Belt’s explanation of V-CALC:

“This new feature provides more selectable outrigger configurations by allowing outrigger beams (either fully retracted, intermediate or fully extended) to be setup in pairs either from side-to-side or front-to-rear. Once outriggers are set, the Pulse 2.0 system provides an outrigger configuration which provides different previews representing workable areas, indicating a percentage of the crane’s available capacity. The system also previews the next five radiuses for that given boom angle. Upon selection, Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 will provide a live view of the work area.”

Operators will also appreciate the RT75’s new cab. In addition to the new Pulse touchscreen display, the new cab design boosts visibility by 20 percent, Link-Belt says, and brings the following upgrades:

♦ Bluetooth AM/FM radio

♦ Larger, ergonomical seat with new electronic joystick/single axis controllers

♦ HVAC system cold/heat box tested to automotive standards

♦ Increased storage and interior lighting

♦ Time delayed wipers

♦ USB and 12 volt power supply connections

♦ Van-style pop out door

♦ Variable outrigger charts integrated into the RCL

♦ Engine off RCL display stays booted up

Link-Belt says all electrical and hydraulic components coming into the cab are bulk headed for plug and play assembly. An available camera vision package enhances on-board site monitoring and includes cameras for viewing to the right side of the upper, the main and auxiliary winch, as well as one for backing up.

The electrical system has also been upgraded from 12 to 24 volts with a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) wiring system. Link-Belt says the increased voltage “allows the system to multiplex with modules placed near dedicated functional like outrigger beams and winches. In total, there are five modules located throughout the machine that allow for crane functions to continue working in instances where other modules are being diagnosed or serviced.”

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A look inside Ritchie Bros.’ record-breaking 2017 Orlando auction (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


The onsite room at the Ritchie Bros. Orlando auction has a 720-person capacity.

While Ritchie Bros. was reaching records for total number of bidders and sellers at its annual February Orlando auction last week, company management provided a few trade press members some behind-the-scenes view of how they make it function and future enhancements.

First, some stats. The total bidders surpassed a record 10,400, including a record 5,950 registered online bidders. More than 1,000 sellers, another record, brought in more than 10,000 pieces of equipment that raked in greater than $188 million. This was nine percent more than the auction in 2016.

Thirty-eight percent of these sales went to online buyers, with 79 percent of the equipment was purchased by buyers in the United States.

Equipment at the auction included 610 excavators, 425 compactors, 300 loaders, 300 skid steers, 175 dozers, 140 loader backhoes, 110 cranes, 440 aerial work platforms, 210 dump trucks and 490 truck tractors.

Following the equipment

As part of the trade press tour, we were driven across the 232-acre property following the route equipment makes as it is brought in, through the check-in area and on to the body shop where repairs and paint work is completed by a third party. The company says it is one of the largest of its kind in the state.

We meandered through the maze of iron in just a few minutes, having the advantage over bidders who must walk or take golf cart shuttles to various points. To make this process easier for attendees, Ritchie Bros. added a way finding feature to its app, which helps track equipment relative to a users position.

After taking the tour of the equipment, we sat in on some of the bidding processes. The onsite bidding room, which holds 720 people, is positioned in front of a view ramp over which workers parade the equipment currently on bid. A large overhead monitor displays still photos and the current bid price.

The virtual room, which holds 500 people, allows both onsite bidding and online bidding. The screen here is much larger than the onsite room, as it is the only view available of the machinery up for bid there.

Customer experience

Joseph Schuler, equipment manager for Tallahassee, Florida-based roadway construction contractor Roberts & Roberts, was made available for discussion on his perspective of the auction. He says much of the heavy lifting for when he bids on the equipment is done well in advance, and in conjunction with his Ritchie Bros. territory manager.

“You’ve got to work with the territory managers you have a relationship with,” he says. “They assist us with information that we require to make the determination about selling and or buying certain items we see for current and coming projects.”

“We prepare a list of what we’d like to sell, and then based on what see, based upon what Brian Tice, our territory manager, will do for us. He’ll tell us what he expects to see coming in, and we make decisions based on the needs we have and what’s coming up. When the auction comes around, we’ll make a decision to attend, especially if we’re very interested in items that are here. We come to put our hands on them, make sure everything is as represented. Then we’ll put a number on it we fell comfortable with, and then go from there.”

Schuler says there have been times when guys from his company come prior to an auction if a piece of equipment has already been showing up in the brochure and meets their criteria.

“We’ll send down a mechanic to look it over, scope it out and make certain that it meets the needs mechanically that we’d hope it would be, based upon the age and hours of the piece of equipment,” he says. “We want to look at the age and the hours the machine is represented at, and then look over the major components, such as the motor, undercarriage, any of the functional items that you know would be costly to repair or replace.”

What Schuler likes best about working with Ritchie Bros. is the ability to conduct business online, where he’s at a site or just being able to view what is coming on site.

“The information that you can find there as well as now even the new app for this auction itself,” he says. “I can watch through what is rolling across the ramp, as well as be out in the yard itself at the same time. It helps me to be able to understand what values are of the current machinery we have in place, and what it’s going for, as well as take the time to know and understand what the market flow is.”

Online purchasing, customer lifecycle

This synchronicity preference plays into the increased effort by the company to provide additional access and ability to purchase online, an effort that will be enhanced by the company’s IronPlanet purchase that is expected to be closed sometime in the second quarter this year.

Jim Barr, group president, emerging business, brand innovation and IT, provided an overview of emerging trends for equipment remarketing, stressing the importance of online purchasing.

He says of the $4.3 billion in sales for the company last year, $2.1 billion was sold online. “This is a business that when you see stats like this, its going to be technologically disruptive,” Barr says.

“IronPlanet is $1 billion on top of our sales,” he adds. “They’re a fast growing Internet version of us and have the biggest business weekly unreserved auction closing every Thursday.”

“We’re rooting for them, which is odd, because we’ve always rooted against them. The integration planning has been so refreshing. We finish each others sentences, which I didn’t expect.”

The integration of IronPlanet has already prompted a sea change in the Ritchie Bros. effort to better service OEM dealers. Barr says the company recently negotiated with Caterpillar to start supplying data on equipment buyers purchasing equipment at auction so dealers can market their services to them, something Ritchie Bros. hasn’t done before.

“If the first owner of a piece of equipment sold it at a Ritchie Bros. auction, the dealer wouldn’t know who that person was anymore,” Barr says. “They would lose that information. A buyer might move into a different territory and they’d lose the parts and service flow for that.”

“What we’re actually doing for dealers is enabling that back, so we’re going to provide, with consent, a sort warm welcome to someone who had bought equipment at a Ritchie Bros. auction,” he says. “That is worth everything to Caterpillar and its network. So now they’ll have a view of that customer, they’ll know who owns the equipment, so if it transfers territories, the dealer will then send a welcome package.”

“That doesn’t cost us anything. We don’t do parts and service. So that’s an example of a win-win situation, and as long as they continue to give us business, these Cat dealers we’ll continue to give them the data.”

“There’s a lot of puts and takes in the agreement, it happened very fast,” Barr adds. “It’s great to be partners again with Caterpillar in a way we haven’t in a long period of time.”

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IronPlanet is giving online equipment sellers more control, ability to build custom storefronts


IronPlanet has introduced a new method for selling heavy equipment online that places a bit more power in the hands of seller.

Designed with larger-scale equipment sellers in mind, IronPlanet says its new Marketplace Direct platform gives sellers more control over the assets they list for sale on the site and gives them direct control over the process of managing listings.

Much of IronPlanet’s appeal has been an eBay-like approach to selling used equipment online coupled with a few added incentives designed to ease the process of such large transactions. Typically IronPlanet is much more hands-on with its customers, assisting them with pricing and managing more aspects of the listing and marketing process.

Marketplace Direct is being released in order to cater to larger equipment sellers who would like to handle more of the process on their own, while providing them with a cloud-based platform that will assist these sellers in increasing sell-thru, improve price performance and reach more buyers through specific channels.

“Marketplace Direct enables sellers to market equipment to their current client base in a private setting or publicly to IronPlanet’s 1.7 million registered users worldwide,”says Matt Ackley, IronPlanet’s chief marketing officer. “Through the process, we provide sellers with more control and choice over timing, price, and formats than they would receive in a typical live auctions-only setting.”

Marketplace Direct allows sellers to list inventory in a custom storefront or in their own private marketplace where they select the buyers who are able to see and bid on listings. The new platform provides reporting on a listing’s performance, traffic analysis and user activity.

Equipment can be listed in fixed price and “Make Offer” formats, or in online auctions (as long as those auctions are not IronPlanet featured events). The platform also lets sellers handle their own pricing and scheduling and gives them the option to set payment, invoicing and shipping terms themselves. Additionally, sellers can manage the transaction process themselves or have IronPlanet do it.

Sellers also have the ability to automatically initiate IronPlanet’s inspections process and either manually or automatically “cascade” items into IronPlanet featured events.

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The Peterbilt Store is Peterbilt’s North American Dealer of the Year


Peterbilt has named The Peterbilt Store, which has 15 locations in seven states, as its North American Dealer of the Year, citing the dealership’s “outstanding fleet sales and support, excellent PACCAR MX engine sales and territory acquisition.”

The award was presented during Peterbilt’s annual two-day Dealer Meeting that includes presentations and break sessions.

“The Peterbilt Store has been an outstanding PACCAR partner since they joined the Peterbilt family, and it’s an absolute pleasure to present them with Peterbilt’s highest honor, one that is truly earned and deserved,” says Kyle Quinn, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR senior vice president. “The Peterbilt Store is committed to achieving day-to-day excellence, and the results have been realized in sales growth and customer satisfaction.”

“We are honored to be recognized for our investments and efforts focused on enhancing our customers’ experience,” says John Arscott, The Peterbilt Store president and CEO. “Our exceptional team is skilled, hardworking, and committed to ensuring that our customers receive outstanding service and value at The Peterbilt Store.”

Peterbilt also recognized its top-performing dealer groups with Best in Class awards, which are based on a combination of “Peterbilt’s Standard of Excellence scores, financial performance, parts and service performance and utilization of PACCAR training and programs.”

Winners and dealer principles include:

  • The Larson Group (Glenn Larson)
  • Peterbilt Manitoba (Doug Danylchuk)
  • Performance Peterbilt (Nathan Ried)
  • Hunter Peterbilt (Jeff Hunter)
  • Camions Excellence Peterbilt (Nicole Lussier)
  • Western Peterbilt (Edward Dobbs)
  • Rush Enterprises (Rusty Rush)
  • Stahl Peterbilt (Eddy Stahl)
  • JX Enterprises (Eric Jorgensen)
  • TransDiff Peterbilt de Quebec (Pierre Pouliot)
  • Peterbilt Pacific (Jim Schroeder)
  • Jackson Group (Blake Jackson)
  • Allstate Peterbilt Group (Don Larson and Jeff Vanthournout)

First Class Service Excellence Dealer of the Year

Receiving this award was Peterbilt Manitoba, which had the highest comprehensive dealer group score.

“Whether it’s advanced diagnostic equipment to assess and repair problems quickly or highly skilled technicians who know your application and vehicle, the Peterbilt dealership network sets the bar high when it comes to maximizing our customers’ uptime,” says Mike Conroy, Director of Field Service. “The First Class Service Excellence Award recognizes the best of the best, and is a true testament to Peterbilt of Manitoba and their commitment to customer satisfaction.”

“We are proud to receive the First Class Service Excellence award from Peterbilt,” says Doug Danylchuk, dealer principle of Peterbilt Manitoba. “Our team recognizes the importance of servicing our customers and providing premium care for the PACCAR MX engines. Measuring the service performance of dealer groups within the Peterbilt network makes us all rise to the occasion and improve our customers’ experiences.”

TRP Dealer of the Year

Peterbilt of Atlanta was named the TRP Dealer of the Year for “exceptional sales performance and customer service.” The dealership also was cited for opening a TRP all makes parts store in Conley, Georgia in 2016.

“Just as TRP Parts surpass expectations for quality, dependability and value, exceeding customer expectations is a priority for the entire Peterbilt of Atlanta team,” says Scott Pearson, Dealer Principal of Peterbilt of Atlanta. “We must maximize our customers’ uptime, which involves maintaining a well-stocked inventory of high-quality, cost-effective TRP aftermarket products for all makes.”

“Peterbilt of Atlanta’s TRP growth was outstanding,” says Peyton Harrell, Director of Dealer Network Development. “They committed to early installation of new product lines and proved to be focused on connecting customers with high-performance TRP products. We congratulate them on their success.”

Medium Duty Dealer of the Year

Peterbilt named Coast Counties Peterbilt of California its Medium Duty Dealer of the Year for “outstanding medium duty sales and medium duty market share.”

Craig Archer, dealer principal, says the dealership achieved 125 percent of its sales goals with more than 300 medium-duty units sold in 2016, resulting in 18 percent market share.

“We strive to be a complete solutions provider for all of our customers, and this award serves as validation for the hard work and commitment of the entire Coast Counties team to achieve maximum customer satisfaction,” Archer says. “Our sales and service of medium-duty vehicles, as well as our strong PacLease franchise, provide our customers with unique solutions to their business requirements.”

“Peterbilt’s medium duty vehicle lineup is designed to ensure superior performance, durability and operational efficiency for a diverse customer base in a variety of market segments and applications,” says Scott Chowaniec, Peterbilt General Sales Manager of Vocational and Medium Duty Sales. “Coast Counties Peterbilt has done an outstanding job of matching these customers to a custom solution, as well as providing the aftermarket support necessary to achieve unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction.”

PACCAR MX Engine Dealer of the Year

Camions Excellence Peterbilt is the Peterbilt PACCAR MX Engine Dealer of the Year, named so for its “superior commitment and support of the MX engine.”

“We are proud to achieve recognition that pays tribute to our entire Excellence Peterbilt team,” says Nicole Lussier, president and dealer principal. “Our sales and service personnel are dedicated to ensuring that the customers who purchase MX engines fully realize the benefits of the MX ownership experience.”

North American Parts and Service Dealer of the Year

Peterbilt named The Larson Group its 2016 North American Parts and Service Dealer of the year.

“Every member of our team is committed to creating an unparalleled ownership experience for our customers, and that includes maximizing their uptime and minimizing their costs for the entire life of their truck,” says Glenn Larson, president and dealer principal. “We will continue to invest in the skilled technicians, technologies and training that ensure that our customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded. It is that commitment that has resulted in the honor of being named the Peterbilt Parts and Service Dealer for 2016.”

Founded in 1987, The Larson Group added three new locations in 2016, for a total of 19 locations in eight states, as well as six new outside sales staff personnel.

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Equipment Roundup: JCB Teleskid; John Deere 75C, 85C excavators; Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm; Rototilt R3; F-150 convertible


This is Teleskid: Check out JCB’s new half skid steer, half telehandler before its official ConExpo launch (VIDEO)

JCB has been in the headlines quite a bit lately with announcements on a switch to Rolls-Royce engines in its largest excavators and an entry into the aerial lift market that the company was able to keep quiet for two years while 27 initial models were in development. Now, the British manufacturer is preparing to launch a new machine at ConExpo next month that it is billing as a wholly different take on the skid steer/compact track loader.

According to a trademark applied for by JCB in July 2016 and awarded in January, this new machine lineup will be called Teleskid. If that name isn’t enough of a clue what makes these new machines special, the Teleskid lineup consists of skid-steer and compact track loaders equipped with an extendable boom. It’s basically half skid steer, half telehandler and a hybrid machine idea similar to Caterpillar’s release last year of the 304.5E2 XTC, a compact excavator with skid steer capabilities.

Read the full story here.

John Deere’s new 75G, 85G excavators add proportional aux hydraulics for tailoring work speed

John Deere has launched updates to two of its compact excavator models aimed at tasks on confined jobsites.

The new 75G and 85G reduced-tail-swing excavators are powered by a 57-horsepower engine that meets Tier 4 Final requirements through the use a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that cleans automatically.

The 75G has an operating weight of 18,221 pounds and features a maximum digging depth of 15 feet, 1 inch and an arm force of 6,902 pounds. The 85G has an operating weight of 19,564 pounds, has a maximum digging depth of 14 ft., 10 in. and an arm force of 6,902 pounds.

Read the full story here.

Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system alerts others when operator may be in danger

Genie has introduced a new accessory it says can provide operators of its boom lifts with additional protection.

The new Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm system replaces a previous protective alarm system with “a significantly different design” designed to immediately activate and alert others onsite that the lift’s operator may need help.

The Lift Guard Contact Alarm is functional whenever the foot switch on the lift has been depressed and mainly consists of an activation cable that is fitted above the boom lift’s control panel. When pressure is applied to this cable it disconnects and activates the alarm system. When this happens, an alarm sounds, beacons flash and all of the machine’s lift and drive functions are stopped to prevent additional movement in the platform.

Read the full story here.

Rototilt launches the R3, a smart compact tiltrotator with improved strength (VIDEO)

Rototilt has introduced a new compact tiltrotator the company says packs all of the strengths previously offered only on larger models.

The new Rototilt R3 is designed for the 6-12 metric ton excavator segment and features a high-flow function, integrated swivel and Rototilt’s Intelligent Control System with SecureLock, which provides confirmation to the operator through the in-cab display when an attachment is securely attached to the tiltrotator.

Tiltrotators allow excavators to rotate attachments 360 degrees and tilt them 40 degrees side to side for added tool versatility.

Read the full story here.

2017 Ford F-150 convertible lets you feel the wind in your hair between jobsites (VIDEO)

For every pickup owner on their way to work or between jobsites who’s ever been tempted to say “Screw work today, I’m popping the top on this sucker and heading for the beach!” … your truck has arrived.

Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), which has offices in both Huntington Beach, California, and Barcelona, Spain, typically works its magic on fancy European cars and trucks. They’ll take your Maybach or Rolls-Royce Ghost and make it an armored vehicle. Or they’ll take your Bentley and turn it into a 6×6 monster. Or maybe you’d like your Porsche Cayenne to be a convertible. They’ll take care of it.

So, when NCE got hold of a 2017 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Platinum, it should come as no surprise the customization shop’s first inclination was to chop off the top. Where the roof used to be, a soft-top now sits along with a roll bar.

Read the full story here.

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Business Roundup: Kobelco adds Pro Access Rentals; Liebherr USA adds Lift Truck Service Center; Aerial lift sales and trends; JCB NA adds Hendershot Equipment


Kobelco adds Pro Access Rentals to dealer network for Oklahoma customers

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA has added Pro Access Rentals to its North American dealer network to serve customers in Oklahoma with its full line of excavators.

“Our dealership has a large rental clientele with many of our customers being in the general construction and pipeline industries,” says Pro Access Rentals President David Evans.

Read the full story here.

SPECIAL REPORT, Part III: Signing off on a dealership transaction

The last major hurdle in an acquisition is the seller approving the updated offer price. This can be especially daunting when a price has dropped.

For purchasers, it is important to supplement these changes with an explanation and evidence to support such a decision. Then it’s best to step away and allow the seller to decide.

A purchase agreement may be altered any number of times by both sides until compromises are reached and the document is formally approved. Once it is finalized and OEM approval has been granted, the transaction begins galloping toward the finish line.

Read the full story here.

Liebherr USA adds Arkansas-based Lift Truck Service Center to dealer network

Liebherr USA’s Construction Equipment Division has added Little Rock, Arkansas-based Lift Truck Service Center to its dealer network.

The company says Lift Truck Service Center will be a sales, service, parts and rental provider of its equipment to a widespread existing customer base comprised of contractors, manufacturing facilities, lumber yards, scrap yards and municipalities.

“We are very pleased to have created a partnership with Lift Truck Service Center and to have the opportunity to expand our dealer network into the Arkansas area,” says Peter Mayr, managing director of Liebherr USA’s Construction Equipment Division. “Our customers will benefit from their focus on superior customer service. We look forward to working with Lift Truck Service Center, Inc. and growing the Liebherr brand in this region.”

Read the full story here.

INFOGRAPHIC: Aerial lift sales and buyer trends

A snapshot of new and used sales trends from Randall-Reilly’s Equipment Data Associates and TopBid auction price services.

View the infographic here.

JCB North America adds Hendershot Equipment as dealer for North Central Texas

JCB North America has added Hendershot Equipment Company of Stephenville, Texas, to its dealer network to cover the North Central Texas area.

Hendershot Equipment, in operation since 1990, will offer new JCB equipment, parts and service, support, financing services and equipment rental from its two locations in Stephenville and Decatur, Texas.

“I am very excited about the addition of the JCB product line to Hendershot Equipment,” says Ron Hendershot, president, Hendershot Equipment Company. “With the construction industry taking off in Texas, Hendershot Equipment will now be able to offer our customers sales, parts, service and rental with a respected quality line in JCB construction equipment. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to represent such an excellent line of construction equipment.”

Read the full story here.

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Texas Transportation Commission reviews $2.5 billion in updates to 10-year transportation plan


The Texas Transportation Commission is reviewing proposals to the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Unified Transportation Program (UTP) that would dedicate funding for 1,210 miles of added capacity and improvements to the state’s highway system.

The proposed updates would include $2.5 billion in funding to help relieve congestion through TxDOT’s Texas Clear Lanes initiative.

“Mobility not only benefits individual drivers but also the Texas economy as goods and services move safely and efficiently across our state,” says Texas Transportation Commissioner J. Bruce Bugg, Jr. “As our state’s population grows, the 12,000 men and women of TxDOT will continue to collaborate with state and local leaders to find feasible solutions for funding specific projects that TxDOT will execute upon expeditiously to keep people and freight moving throughout our state.”

The commission approved TxDOT’s UTP last August. The program provides $70.19 billion over a 10-year period. Twenty percent of the program is dedicated to preventative maintenance and rehabilitation, followed by 18 percent for metro and urban area corridor projects and 16 percent for statewide rural connectivity corridor projects.

If the commission approves the update, which could happen in March, the $2.5 billion will go to 19 new projects designed to relieve congestion in the states major metropolitan areas to be completed over the next four years.

“We appreciate the support of Texans and we stand ready to deliver on these projects that will help ease their commutes,” says TxDOT Deputy Executive Director Marc Williams. “Most of TxDOT’s budget is dedicated to Texas roadway projects and we stand committed to putting those dollars to good use for our citizens.”

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Missouri DOT names DeMers as director of innovative partnerships and alternative funding


The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has named Michael DeMers as the its director of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding, a position that oversees efforts to find new ways of generating transportation revenue and finding ways to “leverage emerging technologies.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of the MoDOT team,” DeMers says. “The department is considered a national leader in innovation and I look forward to continuing and building upon that tradition.”

DeMers has more than 10 years of experience in multimodal transportation planning, research and administration. He previously led the Arizona Department of Transportation’s automated and connected vehicle, freight and rail planning, as well as economic development efforts in the Multimodal Planning Division. He also led the agency’s State Freight Plan and State Rail Plan where he also managed Arizona’s Freight Advisory Committee.

Demers also worked as a consultant in the New York City office of Parsons Brinckerhoff, working on projects for state DOTs, port and transit authorities and USDOT modal administrations.

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PennDOT plans to replace 20 structurally deficient bridges in Lancaster County in 2017


A report released by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) on Feb. 15 lists Pennsylvania as second among the states with structurally deficient bridges. In effort to bring that number down, PennDOT is planning to replace 20 bridges in Lancaster County in 2017 at an average cost of $1.59 million apiece, Lancaster Online reports.

“We’ve been chipping away at it. We’re better off than we were a decade ago,” PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny told the news agency, adding that the bridge replacements are part of PennDOT’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project, which aims to replace 558 structurally deficient bridges between 2016 and 2019. Penny said there were 31 bridges in Lancaster County on the list for replacement. Three were replaced in 2016 and, with 20 scheduled for replacement in 2017, eight would still need to be replaced in 2018.

The Rapid Bridge Replacement Project was launched after Act 89 became a law in 2013 giving PennDOT $898 million to award in bridge replacement contracts to Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners in a public-private partnership.

“We were getting to a point where we might not be able to keep it up. Act 89 gave us a shot in the arm,” Penny told the news agency. “We’ve been able to continue to address the backlog of bridges that were structurally deficient.”

U.S. Congressman Lloyd Smucker (R) said Pennsylvania’s aging and deficient infrastructure has been a long-standing problem. “We were well aware of it in the Pennsylvania State Senate and took steps to help solve the problem with Act 89,” he told the news agency in an email. “The president has made infrastructure one of his priorities, and I look forward to working in Congress to provide for and encourage investments in our infrastructure that will support local and national economic development and create jobs.”

“Just because a bridge is classified as structurally deficient doesn’t mean that it’s not safe. If a bridge isn’t safe, we close it,” Penny told the news agency, adding that the number of structurally deficient bridges is constantly changing as some bridges are repaired/replaced and removed from the list, while others are added. “It’s still a daunting task with the number of bridges that we have” he said. “The key is to be able to do more repair and replacement to keep ahead of that.”

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  • Si necesita reparaciones de alta calidad a precios razonables contamos con una red de mecánicos que les podrán asistir y cuentan con nuestro apoyo de manuales herramientas especiales y repuestos para satisfacer sus necesidades de reparación.

Socios Fiables

Envíos Internacionales

Hemos cruzado las fronteras enviando productos a Nicaragua y El Salvador. Por favor tenga en mente que no todo lo que vendemos esta disponible para envíos internacionales.

Para mas detalles o consultas acerca de envíos internacionales, visite nuestro enlace Envíos Internacionales.

Entregas en Tienda

¿Como funciona?
  • Su pedido estará listo para recoger a partir del mediodía y vamos a mantenerlo en la tienda durante 7 días
  • Pedidos Nuevos hasta las 5pm serán entregados a su tienda elegida
  • Puede ordenar sus piezas o repuestos en línea y se lo enviaremos a su tienda elegida.

Servicio al Cliente


Soporte Tecnico

El soporte técnico se refiere a una gran cantidad de servicios por lo que nuestra empresa ofrece asistencia a todos los usuarios.

E: ventas@geresahn.com
T: +5042225-3837