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Volvo CE debuts new flagship wheel loader: L350H boasts new design, fuel savings


The L350H. Photos: Wayne Grayson

Expected to be available early next year, Volvo debuted the all-new flagship of its wheel loader range, the L350H. It features a 10-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a host of other productivity improvements, as well as a new design.

So what does it take to design a flagship unit? “Number one, you want to come out with something that you really believe in and is going to take you a step forward,” says Stefan Salomonsson, product manager, Volvo Construction Equipment North America. “With this unit, I think we’ve done that. We were leading this class before when it comes to fuel efficiency and production. With this product, we took another step forward with an additional 10 percent in fuel efficiency.”

Unveiling of the L350H drew a crowd during the opening morning of ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017.

Engineered for efficiency, the L350H is fitted with next-generation hydraulics and powered by a Tier 4 Final D16J engine, for high torque at low rpm. For quarry production, the L350H comes with a higher capacity 9.5-cubic-yard rock bucket.

A similar look and feel will be seen through other sizes, Salomonsson says. For example, the 260 shares the same type hydraulics, while the transmission and gear changing set up are also similar so that an operator can move between machine sizes and get the same feel and familiarity throughout the line. “You’ll feel at home in the cab,” he says. “You’ll recognize it.”

More production

The new load sensing hydraulic system works in greater harmony with the drivetrain, increasing response times (and lifting and lowering speed of the newly designed buckets) resulting in up to 5-percent faster cycle times. The hydraulic system and drivetrain improvements, coupled with the latest Volvo engine technology, make the L350H up to 10 percent more fuel efficient in comparison to the L350F it replaces.

To boost the machine’s performance and reliability, the loader has increased clearance between the rear fenders and tires, allowing greater access when fitting tire chains, thereby reducing the risk of damage to the body of the machine.

Efficiency as standard

The L350H is equipped with technology dedicated to reducing fuel consumption and engine emissions.

Volvo’s Fully Automatic Power Shift (FAPS) system allows for machine operation in the optimal, fuel efficient gear, according to speed, kick-down and engine braking, enhancing fuel efficiency.

This is complemented by an eco-pedal, with a push-back mechanism that engages when engine rpm is about to exceed the most economic operating range. Sensing the resistance, the operator can then reduce the pressure and continue within the fuel-efficient range. However, if full engine speed is needed, the eco-pedal mechanism can be overridden.

A comfortable ride

New from the inside out, the L350H has been built with operator comfort in mind.

“We’ve always been good at making the cab comfortable,” Salomonsson says. “If you’re going to be in a machine for 10 or 12 hours a day and want to keep production up, you have to ensure the operator is comfortable. That includes the cab, the suspension, and the seat.”

The new cab boasts excellent visibility, minimal noise and vibration levels, as well as Automatic Climate Control (ACC), to ensure an always comfortable climate in the cab. Controls can also be configured to suit operator preferences, adding to the overall comfort of the operator.

The next generation Contronic monitoring system and digital display incorporate the latest improvements in intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI). The system monitors operation and performance in real-time, providing the operator with all necessary machine information.

Safety and service

To make routine maintenance and daily service checks quick and easy, the design of the engine hood has been improved, allowing complete access to the engine compartment. Engine side hood panels and a platform around the cab also enable operators or technicians to move easily around the machine.

Safety is engineered into the loader with ergonomically spaced steps on entry to the cab and sturdy handrails, for easy entry and exit. A remote door opener, operated via a button located on the rear left cab post, facilitates easy access to the cabin. In addition, LED lights, installed on the cab entrance, safely illuminate the area. When operating in the dark, long-life LED work lights and reflective stickers that follow the machines contours also help to increase machine visibility.

Operators can be sure of their surroundings with the optional rear-view camera, equipped with a new adjustable mounting bracket. New side-view mirrors also make it easier for the operator to safely monitor operations from all angles.

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Bobcat unveils R-Series E32 and E35 compact excavators


The new R-Series E35

At ConExpo in Las Vegas, Bobcat has unveiled its R-Series compact excavators, a 13-model lineup that will be launched in two phases during 2017.

The first phase, introduced at ConExpo this week, will include the popular 3-to-4-ton class E32 and E35 models. The machines feature a dual-flange redesigned track system and an optimized rear counterweight. The dual-flange rollers extend the excavator’s undercarriage structure closer to the track’s edge and provide up to a 15-percent increase in over-the-side capacity. Bobcat says this feature improves over-the-side digging performance and slewing ability, in addition to improving ride quality.

Examples of competitive models: Case CX31B, Volvo ECR38, Kubota KX91-3S2, John Deere 35G and Cat 303ECR

Compact excavator sales boom

R-Series E35

Tom Connor, excavator product specialist says in the six years since the company’s previous M-Series compact excavator line was introduced, the compact excavator market has seen a 218-percent increase in North America. “This growth has surpassed that of both skid steers and compact track loaders during the same time period,” Connor says.

Why so much growth? Connor says compact excavators have grown in acceptance as they’ve proven themselves to be a viable piece of equipment. “The perception of compact excavators has completely changed,” he says. “A lot more people are using them in lieu of using a backhoe.” (Bobcat formerly promoted the use of a skid steer/compact excavator “Bobcat System” to replace a backhoe.)

Another reason: the machine’s popularity in rental applications. “Rental has given us proof of product,” Connor says. “It’s a tremendous sales tool.”

The new R-Series E32

R-Series details

The R-Series models have an integrated rear counterweight design that lowers the machine’s center of gravity, aiding machine stability. Operators still have wide-open access to the engine and daily maintenance checks. In addition, hinges and latches have been strengthened, and rigid, aligned excavator panels reduce cab vibration.

The R Series cab has 15 percent more glass and 29 percent more floor space than the M-Series cab, plus an automotive-type HVAC system. The seat and cab are also wider than in the M-Series; and owners can opt to install a heated seat. Cab refinements are important, says Connor. “About 60 percent of our machines are now going out with cabs,” he adds. Redesigned floor pedals fold away, adding increased floor space. The control pattern selector is located right below the operator’s seat, allowing users to quickly switch between ISO and standard controls.

The left side joystick has a second auxiliary selector switch, which allows operators to toggle between the second auxiliary and the boom offset without removing their hand from the joystick.

Bobcat says the new models can be leveled with increased downward angles for a greater range of motion. The excavator blades have been increased up to 33 percent to a 12-degree downward angle. This allows operators to get a precise angle and stabilize the machine while digging, or when operating on an uneven surface or trenching at an angle. (Blade down angle degrees will vary by model.)

A greaseless pin joint on the boom swing eliminates a grease point.

R-Series E35

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Power Curbers & Power Pavers introduce 2 concrete slipform machines at ConExpo


Power Paver 2404

Power Curbers & Power Pavers introduced two new concrete slipform machines during the ConExpo 2017 in Las Vegas.

The Power Paver 2400 Series slipform pavers, including the SF-2404 four-track machine and SF-2402 two-track machine, are designed for conventional paving, offset paving and custom applications. They are designed for residential and intermediate paving projects up to 24.6 feet wide.

The telescoping frame on the SF-2404 was made to facilitate easy width adjustments. The company also added one-touch track positioning and simple steering controls to make it easier to operate.

The SF-2404 has a 138:1 track drive gear ratio the company reports can offer smooth paving at low speeds. Operators can control vibrators individually or globally, as well as monitor and record vibrator speeds with the optional Smart Vibe system.

The series is ready for stringless operation from the factory and can be used with Leica, Topcon and Trimble 3D/GPS control systems.

The Power Curber 7700, pictured below, is designed for offset applications and paving as wide as 20 feet. The company designed it for versatility, with contractors being able to use it for road paving or barriers, variable barriers, bridge parapets and ditches.

For paving, the 7700 offers hydraulic sides, edge overbuild, and crowning capabilities, with a tamper bar, auger or plow and finishers as options.

The machine also features a fully hydraulic telescoping frame for switching from offset to paving mode. The Simple Steer Track Positioning System feature aligns all four crawlers for switching modes.The 7700 also is stringless capable.

Power Curber 7700

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Kohler intros KD Series industrial generators, mobile paralleling box


Kohler’s KD Series generators are sized for industrial applications.

The big news from Kohler Engines at ConExpo this year is actually back in Wisconsin. The company announced that its new, 23-acre Customer Experience Center is open for business.

The new facility will serve as a proving ground where OEMs can test out Kohler engines in their machines in a variety of real world scenarios. Set ups are available to test in turf and golf course conditions, recreational and off-road tracks, utility applications, and construction.

With four of Kohler’s Mobile Paralleling Boxes you can combine the power of up to eight generators into one output.

In product news, Kohler recently debuted a new range, it’s KD Series, large diesel generators for industrial applications such as healthcare, datacenter, water treatment, oil and gas, mining and telecom industries. The KD series are available globally in nodes from 800 kVA to 4200 kVA and are powered by the company’s G-Drive engines, which deliver between 709 and 3,608 kWm standby power at 50 Hz, and between 891 and 4,250 kWm standby power at 60 Hz.

Also from Kohler, a new Mobile Paralleling Box enables you to string together different size generators with different fuel types, even mix diesel and gasoline engines for a single power output. Generators can be connected in parallel to provide more power than a single generator could achieve or to manage generators in sequence for variable power outputs. Four of the boxes can be used in parallel to join up to eight Kohler generators. Kohler’s Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller provides the brains to keep all the generators working together and comes standard on all Kohler gas and Tier 4 Final diesel generators.

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bauma trade show network to expand into South America


Attendees walk near the Liebherr booth at bauma 2016.

During a press conference at the ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show in Las Vegas this week, Messee München, owner and operator of bauma—the world’s largest trade show—announced that it is expanding into South America.

In addition to the main bauma show, hosted every three years in Munich, the German trade show operator hosts or co-hosts several bauma sister shows including bauma China, bauma ConExpo India and bauma ConExpo Africa. The company also recently added the CTT trade show in Moscow, Russia, to its bauma Network.

In a similar deal to the CTT arrangement, bauma is partnering with Sobratema, the Brazilian Association of Technology for Construction and Mining, to co-host three trade shows in South America: M&T Expo, M&T Parts and Service and Construction Expo.

Klaus Dittrich, chairman and chief executive officer for Messee München, called South America “the most important market for us by far.”

Messee München managing director Stefen Rummel said the partnership with Sobratema is a 30-year deal.

“We realize that this is not an easy market,” Rummel says. “But it has a lot of potential.”

Messee München says the M&T Expo is of particular importance to the company. It’s the largest trade show in South America and, in terms of product portfolio, is comparable to bauma, according to a company release.

The company also announced figures for last year’s bauma trade show in Munich. The show welcomed 583,736 visitors and 3,425 exhibitors on 605,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Dittrich called bauma 2016 the “best bauma ever” and said Messee München is already at work on bauma 2019. The company is building two additional halls that will add 20,000 square feet of exhibition space to the already massive show.

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Subsite presents Top Salesman Awards to Ditch Witch of Georgia, Ditch Witch of the Rockies reps


Troy Kynaston (left) and Brent Goodman accept the Subsite Electronics Top Sales Awards from Subsite’s John Lamerton.

Subsite Electronics presented its 2017 Top Salesman Awards to Brent Goodman of Ditch Witch of Georgia (Top HDD Guidance System Salesman) and Troy Kynaston of Ditch Witch of the Rockies (Top Utility Locator Sales) during the recent annual Ditch Witch Sales Conference.

“These awards recognize the outstanding efforts of Brent and Troy,” says John Lamerton, Global Sales Manager for Subsite Electronics. “Both are passionate about meeting their customers’ needs and were able to demonstrate Subsite solutions that will help their customers operate more efficiently and safely on the job site.”

Both dealerships have three locations each and carry the full line of Ditch Witch equipment, as well as Subsite Electronics utility locators and HDD guidance systems.

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Colorado DOT, HPTE release final RFPs for Central 70 project


Photo credit: Colorado DOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) have released the final request for proposals (RFP) for the Central 70 Project.

CDOT is looking for a developer team to design, build, operate and maintain the project through a public-private partnership (P3).

The project will:

  • Add one express lane in each direction on Interstate 70 from I-25 to Chambers Road
  • Remove the 54-year-old viaduct and lower the interstate between Brighton and Colorado boulevards
  • Construct a 4-acre park over part of the lowered intersate (as pictured above)

“The RFP highlights our commitment to the community and will help guide the selection of a developer in this highly competitive solicitation for the Central 70 Project,” says David Spector, HPTE Director. “As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, CDOT and HPTE have made the Final RFP publicly available. Central 70 is our second public-private partnership project, and we look forward to selecting the right developer to deliver this project that will bring so many benefits to Coloradans.”

The RFP will be used by four shortlisted teams will use to submit their bids later this spring. The agencies plan to select a developer partner this summer.

“Since the release of the first draft of the RFP in September 2015, we have worked with the teams to respond to questions and listen to ideas,” says Anthony DeVito, Central 70 Project Director. “We look forward to receiving the proposals and selecting a team to deliver this critical project to Colorado.”

More details are available at the HPTE and Central 70 websites, and a copy of the Central 70 Final RFP is available here.

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Illinois Tollway networking event to promote 2017 engineering work


The Illinois Tollway has scheduled a professional engineering services networking event for March 14 in Downers Grove to promote opportunities for design and construction management contracts throughout the Tollway system.

“As we begin work on the sixth year of the Move Illinois program, we plan to commit nearly $1 billion in 2017 for construction projects, along with $4 million to promote diversity among the firms and people working for the Tollway,” says Illinois Tollway Executive Director Greg Bedalov. “We are better as an agency and as a state when there are more firms competing in the construction industry and when we provide real opportunities for small, diverse and veteran-owned firms and individuals to participate.”

Bedalov will speak at the event, along with Illinois Tollway Diversity and Strategic Development Department Chief Gustavo Giraldo and Deputy Chief of Program Controls and System Integrity Greg Stukel.

The 2017 Professional Engineering Services Networking Event is scheduled for 1 to 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree Suites & Conference Center, 2111 Butterfield Road in Downers Grove. Registration is available at, with pre-registration closing at 10 a.m. on March 13, and onsite registration available beginning at 12:30 p.m. on March 14.

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Case unveils half dozer, half CTL concept D450 as “Compact Dozer Loader” (VIDEO)


Case CE unveiled its DL450 concept machine at ConExpo 2017. The company says the machine represents a new category: half compact track loader, half dozer to make a Compact Dozer Loader. Photos and video: Wayne Grayson

Teased prior to ConExpo as “Project Minotaur,” Case Construction Equipment’s DL450 is billed as a “Compact Dozer Loader” that combines a compact track loader (CTL) with a dozer. Case is using ConExpo to get contractor feedback on the concept machine.

“We didn’t want to just create a reaction,” says Scott Harris, vice president, North America, Case Construction Equipment. “Instead, ours is a practical revolution of two product lines.”

(Case brand manager for skid steers and CTLs, John Dotto, takes us through the main features of the DL450 and the challenges and decisions behind its design in the below video.)

Case says it has more than 30 patents pending on the DL450, which was named after the company’s former 450 dozer. The core feature of the DL450 is a C-Frame dozer interface that pins directly into the machine chassis. Case says it provides the stability and smooth operating plane of a CTL, ensuring that all operating power and stresses are channeled through the machine’s chassis and not its loader arms.

The C-frame can then be unpinned from the chassis and disconnected like an attachment, allowing the machine to perform as a standard CTL. The unit uses skid steer and CTL attachments.

“This could also be a transformative piece of equipment for landscapers looking to add greater power to their operations,” Harris says, and who may have previously considered buying a small dozer. Other possible takers for the DL450 include residential and commercial contractors looking for additional versatility in one machine, he says.

The concept machine has an anticipated drawbar pull of around 21,000 pounds. The main body was created from the base frame of a vertical-lift Case TV380 CTL. Case then married the base frame with the radial-lift loader arm design similar to that of the former 465 skid steer.

Forward and reverse travel and steering is controlled by the left hand, and boom and bucket controls are manipulated with the right-hand controls. The right-hand controls also operate the lift, angle and tilt of the 6-way blade.

The undercarriage features steel tracks and grousers, a fifth roller for better traction and greater ground clearance to reduce the likelihood of drag. The DL450 also includes a rear, integrated ripper.

“Nothing on the market today provides the dual functionality that the DL450 can,” Harris says. “This is a purpose-built compact loader dozer.”

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