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The Super/Mega Raptor is a custom Super Duty build of Ford’s popular off-road pickup


A Ford Super Duty pickup converted by F250R into a SuperRaptor riding on 40-inch tires.

One of our favorite pickups from last year’s SEMA show was the Shockzilla, a custom off-road build with an 8-inch suspension system and 38-inch tires on display at the Ford booth. Beyond a striking design this truck stood out because it gives you a pretty good idea of what a Super Duty version of the F-150 Raptor might look like. It’s a pretty tempting idea, and apparently enough to build a business out of because that’s exactly what Jeremy Dixon at F250R in Tuscon, Arizona, has done.

Though the shop used to build Jeep conversions, it now deals exclusively in conversions of 2005-2017 Ford Super Duty pickups. Specifically, F250R will take your F-250 or F-350 and turn it into a Raptor in one of two flavors. And these trucks blow the Shockzilla out of the water.

The first conversion is called the SuperRaptor and includes the following, according to the F250R website:

♦ Full teardown

♦ 4-inch lift front and rear using Icon suspension parts

♦ Bilstein shocks

♦ Icon adjustable track bar

♦ Re-body of the rear bedsides

♦ CAD created steel halo to support the tilt front end

♦ One piece tilt front end and nitrogen gas shocks to support the hood when open

♦ Choice of several different head lights

♦ Amber or white grille lights

♦ Front grille

♦ Full paint to color match truck.

♦ 17-inch Raceline wheels and 40-inch Procomp tires

♦ Spare tires/carriers are optional on both trucks

The main difference with the second conversion, the MegaRaptor, is that it rides on aluminum wheels wrapped in 46-inch Michelin XZL tires. Another cool detail with this build is that the wheels F250R uses are made for the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected military vehicle. The company says that it sometimes receives wheels with “battle scars” and reserves those for military customers. The larger wheels and tires on this build necessitates the following in addition to everything listed under the SuperRaptor build:

♦ Firewall is trimmed to allow more room for the larger tires, and a steel plate is welded in to fill the area.

♦ Body has all four wheel wells trimmed up 3 inches which requires several days labor to do.

♦ Wheels have been CNC drilled with rock rings added to protect the rims and are balanced on a Hunter FM02 and ride smoothly at highway speeds.

The SuperRaptor conversion starts at $25,900 while the MegaRaptor will set you back $29,900. Those are of course on top of the price of the pickup.

Beyond making your Super Duty look like a giant Raptor, the resulting Super and MegaRaptors are not only off-road capable but can two three times as much as an F-150 Raptor.

You can find out more about ordering a conversion and all the available options at F250R’s website.

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PHOTOS: Volvo’s 2017 Ride for Freedom truck honors U.S. military with beautiful custom graphics


The New River Valley assembly plant in Dublin, Virginia, built Volvo Trucks latest Ride for Freedom truck, which joined approximately 160 motorcycles from Volvo’s Washington, D.C., plant for the Memorial Day weekend “Run for the Wall” motorcycle rally.

The Ride for Freedom honors men and women who have served and continue to serve in the U.S. military.

Volvo’s 2017 Ride for Freedom truck is a VNR 640 model featuring custom-designed graphics that honor America and those who served in all branches of the military with the slogan, “We stand for the flag and kneel for the fallen.”

NRV employees and the UAW Local 2069 Veteran Committee have supported the Ride for Freedom event for the past 26 years. You can view more photos of this special truck below.

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Trelleborg launches 4 lines of heavy equipment tires in U.S.


Trelleborg Wheel Systems is bringing the company’s lineup of pneumatic tires designed for a wide range of construction equipment to North America.

The debut includes the Earthmover Radial Series (ERL) for loaders and graders, the Earthmover Diagonal System (EM) for heavy duty earthmoving jobs, the Skid Steer Diagonal Series (SK) for skid steer loaders and the Backhoe Diagonal Series (TI) for most construction vehicles.

“We’re trying to cover the entire operation of the construction company now,” says Ray McElroy, pneumatic segment manager with Trelleborg. “Our pneumatics let us reach the companies that are running the most popular sizes of construction equipment. Furthermore, these tires have already been successful around the world. We’re just now bringing them into North America.”

The earthmover radial tires feature steel radial construction; enhanced traction on sand, mud and gravel; reduced vibration on concrete and asphalt; and puncture resistance. The company says the tire is designed to increase productivity and reduce costs.

The skid steer series offers various tread patterns to add strength, productivity and efficiency, as well as enhanced traction on sand, mud and gravel, according to Trelleborg. The tires feature rugged bias ply construction and puncture resistance.

Trelleborg also unveiled its Brawler series of solid tires to the North American market at ConExpo. The series includes the Brawler HPS Loader and Brawler HPS Skid Steer models. The company says the Brawlers are “field-tested and engineered for the extreme,” aimed at such applications as heavy duty recycling.

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Titan Machinery total revenue drops 7.3% as construction retracts 18.7%


North Dakota-based Titan Machinery, which carries construction, agriculture, aggregate and forestry equipment, has reported first quarter fiscal year 2018 (ended April 30) revenue of $264.1 million, a 7.3 percent decline compared to the same period last year.

Gross profit for the quarter reached $48.9 million, a drop of 8.6 percent compared to the $53.5 million the company reported in Q1 2017. Operating expenses improved a bit, dropping to $52 million compared to $54.5 million a year ago. Titan’s adjusted net loss was $4.2 million, but represented a 12.5 percent improvement over Q1 2017’s $4.8 million net loss.

This report comes in the midst of a restructuring effort the company announced earlier this year that includes the closing and consolidation of multiple dealerships as a means of cutting expenses.

“Overall first quarter financial results were generally in line with our expectations,” says David Meyer, Titan Machinery’s Chairman and CEO.“Due to the stabilizing Agriculture equipment inventory environment and the progress we have made in reducing our equipment inventory, we are seeing equipment margin improvement sooner than originally expected, as well as stronger equipment demand within our International segment. Offsetting these developments were higher than anticipated operating expenses due to delayed benefits resulting from our restructuring efforts.”

Meyer says the company believes the restructuring effort will give it $25 million in expense reductions, but the impact on FY2018 won’t be as high as expected due to implementing the plan later than the company had anticipated.

“We continue to be well positioned for improved bottom line results in fiscal 2018 despite continued soft demand in our domestic Agriculture and Construction markets,” Meyer adds. ‘In addition, our restructuring efforts and continued focus on reducing equipment inventory positions us well for the future.”

Titan’s restructuring costs for the quarter were $2.3 million, compared to roughly $0.2 million last year. Non-recurring pre tax costs related to the restructuring efforts are expected to reach $7 million for the rest of FY2018 and will be made up of mainly lease termination costs and termination beneftis.

Construction equipment revenue in the first quarter dropped by nearly 19 percent, to $63.4 million compared to the $78 million reported in the same period last year. The company says Q1 last year included roughly $9 million from “aggressive selling efforts” employed for “aged equipment inventory” using “alternative marketing channels.” The pre-tax loss for this most recent quarter reached $2.6 million, compared to $2 million in Q1 2017.

“The many improvements we are implementing in our operating structure combined with the deleveraging we’ve accomplished in the past couple years has us better positioned to generate positive earnings in the future,” Meyer says. “In addition, our cash flow generated from operations allows us to make appropriate investments in our business to take advantage of future opportunities and drive long-term profitability.”

Titan Machinery carries construction equipment brands Case, Grove, JLG, K-Tex and Wacker Neuson and has more than 2,500 employees.

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VIDEO: Six months later, Tennessee DOT details work on Gatlinburg wildfires


The Tennessee Department of Transportation has produced a video highlighting the stories of those who worked on cleanup and recovery efforts in the wake of the wildfires that ravaged Gatlinburg.

Fourteen people were killed as a result of the Nov. 28 fires, with 2,460 structures destroyed or heavily damaged, with an estimated cost of $500 million.

“TDOT’s official role during the crisis was to clear the roadways,” the agency reports. “This was critical for emergency crews to get to the impacted areas. But our employees ended up doing so much more in the days and nights that followed. It’s something they will never forget. In the video link provided below, they recall, in their own words, the events of that night.”

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NCDOT division crews hold Roadeos to test operation skills


Employees at several North Carolina Department of Transportation divisions recently tested their skills and safety awareness at Roadeos across the state. The winners from each of the agency’s 14 divisions will compete at a statewide Roadeo in Raleigh, Aug. 3 at the state fairgrounds.

Skills tested include maneuvering a dump truck, tractor, backhoe, low-boy trailer and motor grader through obstacle courses. Operators must parallel park single-axle and tandem axle dump trucks, as well as low-boy equipment carriers; use a backhoe to lift golf balls from sand and deposit them in buckets the size of coffee cans; use a motor grader to knock off tennis balls from an orange perch; and stop trucks and tractors an inch from a target after maneuvering an obstacle course.

Division 8

Division 8 held their safety Roadeo at he Rockingham Dragway. “Safety is always the top priority at these friendly competitions, and the event itself stresses personal safety when operating these vehicles and taking those important skills into the field,” says Division 8 Engineer Brandon Jones. “Our staff enjoys getting to showcase their skills while emphasizing safety and training.”

Division 8 winners include:

  • Allen Williams; Randolph County Maintenance: Dump truck
  • Garland Dunn; Moore County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Fred Harrelson; Randolph County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • James Dawkins; Richmond County Maintenance: Tractor/mower
  • Todd Logan; Randolph County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • John Beane; Montgomery County Maintenance: Motor grader

Runners up were:

  • Allen Hancock; Richmond County Equipment: Dump truck
  • Brian Morrison; Montgomery County Maintenance: Tandem truck
  • Roy Locklear; Hoke County Maintenance: Lowboy truck
  • Herald Dowdy; Roadside Environmental Unit: Tractor/mower
  • Clint Jacobs; Scotland County Maintenance: Backhoe
  • Brandon Hussey; Moore County Maintenance: Motor grader

Division 13

Division 13’s 80+ employees held their Roadeo at the Burke County Maintenance Yard. “We showcased the skills our operators use every day on job sites,” says Division 13 Safety Engineer Walt Russell said. “Each event is designed to show the driving, operating and safety skills it takes to work in tight quarters around traffic and in work zones.”

“This is one of our most important safety training sessions of the year, and we have fun showcasing our skills and sharing safety tips and advice with one another,” says Division 13 Engineer Jay Swain. “We’re often trying to fit a lot of equipment in a small area, so the better we are at moving around fixed objects, the more efficient we can be at doing our job safely.”

Winners include:

  • Tandem axle truck: Cass Buchanan, Mitchell County Equipment
  • Single axle truck: Brandigan Cox, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Lowboy tractor: Donnie Dockery, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Tractor mower: David Hall, Roadside Environmental
  • Motor grader: Antawan Boyce, McDowell County Maintenance
  • Backhoe: Wesley Sparks, Burke County Maintenance

Division 14

More than 100 Division 14 employees competed in their Roadeo at the Haywood County Maintenance Yard. “Safety is involved in every aspect of these friendly competitions, and the event as a whole emphasizes personal safety when operating these vehicles and taking those essential skills into the field,” says Division 14 Safety Engineer Candie Auvil. “It’s nice to get together once a year to showcase our skill and emphasize safety and training.”

Winners include:
• Tractor mower: Nathan Franklin, Jackson County Environmental
• Backhoe: Alan Cochran, Macon County Bridge Maintenance
• Lowboy tractor: Verlon Enloe, Cherokee County Maintenance
• Motor grader: Jeff Gregory, Macon County Maintenance
• Single axle truck: Blake Brooks, Clay County Maintenance
• Tandem axle truck: Jacob Jones, Jackson County Maintenance

“We had good fun, accomplished a lot, and picked up some safety pointers,” says Division 14 Engineer Ed Green. “I always enjoy seeing everybody get together and share some pointers. We have a good group going to Raleigh for the state competition.”

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Indiana hosts launch of new national work zone safety campaign


A group of construction workers and contractors launched a new national work zone safety campaign at the Indiana State Police District 52 on May 25, reports. Indiana was chosen for the launch because of its higher-than-average work zones accident rate. Seventy-two percent of Indiana highway contractors reported that vehicles crashed into their work zones in 2016.

“There is no meeting, email or text that is more important than the safety of workers or motorists,” said Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) national spokesman Brian Turmail, according to the news agency. “It is absolutely essential for every driver to slow down, pay attention, and put the phone down when they are in highway work zones.”

Turmail told reporters that work zone crashes are dangerous for construction workers and for motorists, noting that, nationwide, work zone crashes injure construction workers nearly 25 percent of the time, but injure drivers or passengers 49 percent of the time, and that workers are killed in 11 percent of the crashes, but drivers and passengers are killed in 13 percent.

He added that Indiana workers are killed in 38 percent of those crashes, according to a new highway work zone study conducted by the AGC, which was based on a nationwide survey of highway construction firms.

“Stop a minute, just remember the families,” Milestone Contractors president C.J. Potts said during the launch, according to the news agency. “Yours, mine, theirs, and remember there is someone looking forward to you, we, and me coming home safely.”

Radio ads started airing Thursday, and will run in Indianapolis for at least a week.

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State Farm sponsors Colorado DOT’s Motorist Safety Patrol Program


State Farm is the now sponsoring the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Motorist Safety Patrol Program, which provides motorists with roadway assistance.

The program, previously known as the Courtesy Patrol, will now be called the “CDOT State Farm Safety Patrol.” CDOT says the State Farm support will offset the state funding costs used for program operation.

The insurer also sponsors similar programs in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Louisiana and Kansas.

“We aim to make traveling in Colorado as safe and efficient as possible for motorists,” says CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt. “We’re proud to join with State Farm in support of a program that delivers on this objective. In addition, this innovative funding approach reduces the cost to state taxpayers—all while providing the same high-level of service.”

CDOT State Farm Safety Patrol vehicles patrol the metro areas of Denver, Colorado Springs (Interstate 25) and Fort Collins (I-25) each weekday, and additionsl areas of I-25 on weekends. Program services include assisting stranded motorists and traffic control and safety at traffic incident sites. Officials estimate it will help more than 30,000 motorists this year.

“Our support of the CDOT State Farm Safety Patrol program embodies our ‘good neighbor’ philosophy,” says Ed Gold, State Farm advertising director. “It also underscores the continued commitment State Farm has to auto safety, while helping people recover from the unexpected, which is the heart of the State Farm mission.”

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Landclearing Roundup: 8 new attachments you need to know about from Cat, Deere, Bobcat and more


Gather rocks and debris, allow soil to sift through

John Deere has introduced a new line of Root Rakes, which include models RR72, RR78 and RR84. Optimized to work with John Deere G- and E-Series skid steers and compact track loaders and K-Series compact wheel loaders, the attachments are designed for land clearing, ground leveling and moving materials away from buildings and obstructions. The rakes gather rocks and debris while allowing soil to sift through, for minimal site and landscape disturbance. Built with alloy-steel construction, the units have replaceable pin-on teeth and zinc-plated pivot pins with protected zerks. A weld-on “D” ring expands the attachment’s capabilities, including pulling brush in forestry applications or move scrap on a jobsite. Available in 72-inch, 78-inch and 84-inch widths, the rakes help shield the front of the host machine, protecting it against damage from large piles of brush or jagged scrap.

Rip through hard and soft woods

The Bobcat 70-inch forestry cutter gives users the ability to easily rip through hard and soft woods; it fits on the Bobcat T750, T770 and T870 compact track loaders and S850 skid steer. With the addition of a 400-pound counterweight, the cutter can be used with Bobcat’s T750 and T770 compact track loaders. Requiring high-flow hydraulics, the attachment can be tilted forward, throwing the material against the counter combs that reduce the wood to a fine mulch. An optional front gate can be lowered if the operator needs finer mulch. The tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time for a smoother operation that requires less horsepower. The cutter comes standard with two-speed travel for increased drum torque and improved productivity. An adjustable three-position push bar accommodates an operator’s preferred setting.

Remove unwanted debris

Doosan offers hydraulic clamps for crawler and wheel excavators that allow users to precisely pick and place material or remove unwanted debris for landclearing applications. The clamp edges keep objects secure for loading and material handling. Easily installed on the excavator dipper, the clamp has a heavy duty cylinder and a load holding valve that helps prevent spillage. The base plate may be welded on without removing the main pin. The clamps can be used with the Doosan DX140LC-5 through DX300LC-5 crawler excavators and the DX140W-5 through DX210W-5 wheel excavators.

Cut though rough-cut dense brush

Designed to cut through rough-cut dense brush, Virnig’s V50 rotary brush cutter clears trees up to 6 inches in diameter. The three-way cutting system, mounted to a flywheel, ensures the flywheel bounces off stumps rather than catching and damaging components. The 1/4-inch reinforced mower deck is made from Grade 50 steel. Attaching to skid steers, the attachment uses standard dual hydraulic pressure relief valves with dynamic breaking that stops the 275-pound flywheel in under 10 seconds. Double-sided 5/8- by 5-inch blades can be flipped over to use a second set of sharpened edges. The cutter is available in 60- to 78-inch cut widths, with a recommended flow rate of 14 to 42 gpm.

Match cutting speed to conditions

Caterpillar’s HM208 and HM210 mulchers, along with its HMF110 and HMF210 flail mowers both expand the manufacturer’s land management offerings for compact excavators. The mulchers are available in widths of 32 inches or 40 inches. The units include a dual hydraulic door design to minimize debris throw and improve material refinement. A staggered tooth design with reversible blade style teeth provide longer wear life.

The mulchers have an automatic two-speed piston motor that helps match cutting speed to conditions, and allows for multi-function capability. The flail mowers have swinging teeth with two tooth styles available, as well as serrated cavity knives to help cut and break down material. Available in a 40-inch width, the attachment can fit on 5- and 8-ton compact excavators.

Efficiently move irregular shapes

Kubota’s Rock Grapples are designed to efficiently move volumes of materials. The attachment has dual hydraulic cylinders that can close at various gaps to handle irregular shapes. The bucket is designed with 3-inch spacing between the teeth to allow small rocks, soil and other debris to be sifted, leaving larger material locked in its jaws. The grapples are available in 66-, 72- and 78-inch widths and can fit on skid steers and compact track loaders.

Handle a variety of materials

The Geith Grapple handles a variety of materials in landclearing applications. Made with abrasion-resistant, high-tensile strength, the tines are boxed for increased strength. The main hinges have replaceable bearings, and the pins are protected by O-rings that keep the grease in and the dirt out. The grapples can be fitted with an optional wear package.

Till soil and break up rocks

The Seppi Midisoil dt mulcher is designed for 100- to 170-horsepower tractors and comes in several working widths ranging from 69 to 98 inches. The mulcher tills the soil and breaks stones to a depth of 10 inches, and has a working speed of 0 to 1.2 mph. The unit has a 2-speed transmission gearbox, which makes it possible to use a higher speed of the rotor shaft for wood and a slower speed for rocks and soil. By switching a main transmission lever, the operator can change the speed from 1,000 rpm to 500 rpm, providing more torque at less consumption of power.

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With new JT40 HDD, Ditch Witch delivers a data-filled operator’s station


Ditch Witch has introduced an all new JT40 horizontal directional drill (HDD) boasting an operator’s station improved with machine data views.

“The JT40 represents the future of horizontal drilling,” says Seth Matthesen, Ditch Witch’s senior product manager for HDDs. “The unit integrates machine data into an innovative display to keep operators informed and productive on the job. As with all of our products, we continue to seek customer feedback to improve uptime, profitability and performance, and this machine features several new pending patents to do exactly that.”

The new machine features two 7-inch LED displays that keep operators informed on “all critical machine functions and operations,” Ditch Witch says. Integrated into these displays is tracker information for visibility into all jobsite functions beyond drill operation.

The operator’s station also features a real-time carriage position indicator and a multifunctional, radial operator control highlighted on the display for “better control efficiency, including mud flow, rotation and more.”

Powered by a 160-gross-hp Cummins engine, Ditch Witch says the JT40 packs 14 percent more horsepower into a smaller package than competing models. The machine also features a two-speed, rotational drive system that delivers 5,500 lbs.-ft. of torque.

The JT40 holds up to 600 feet of drill pipe onboard and minimizes pipe-entry distance, “giving operators increased drill pipe support as it enters the ground,” the company says.

A fully enclosed cab with heat and air is an available option. The standard open air operator’s station features integrated vandal covers. Both cabs include an ergonomic seat and extended legroom.

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