May 2, 2017

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Western Star unveils the XD-25, a rugged 4900 designed for construction, off-road hauling


A year after announcing plans to add an Extreme Duty (XD) off-road package to its lineup, Western Star has unveiled the second member of the XD family.

Initially offered on the company’s flagship 6900 as the XD-40, during its its 50th anniversary celebration in Phoenix Western Star debuted the XD-25—a hulked up 4900 with 25 tons of capability. Western Star is targeting smaller, off-road construction, mining and quarry site hauling operations with the new configuration.

Western Star’s XD off-road suspensions offer maximum ground clearance, the company says. Using a double-slippered spring suspension, springs are controlled with heavy-duty track rods that eliminate the need for spring pins. That allows the spring packs to slide on wear pads without shock loading.

Its 3/8 x 3 & 1/2 x 10 & 3/4 inch double channel 120 KSI steel frame gives the truck a rigid backbone and great stability, but Western Star’s planetary gear sets give the truck the capability to haul massive loads while still keeping the chassis accessible for maintenance.

At the launch event, Western Star president Kelley Platt said the units are specifically designed to handle off-road jobs without compromising fuel economy and cycle time efficiency. “With a vocational truck, we have to be able to build exactly what the customer wants,” Platt says.

“It opens up another option for the rigid-mount, the traditional yellow iron, customer,” added Peter Arrigoni, vice president of Western Star, “and it’s probably the only market that we are the cheapest.”

The XD-25 will be powered by a Detroit DD13 next model year, but XD-25s built this year can be equipped with either a DD13 or a Tier 3 Series 60.

The XD-25 is a torque monster, but is equipped with a high-speed planetary that gives it a top speed of about 65 miles per hour, making it highway capable. The Series 60 engine puts out about 505 hp and 1550 lbs.-ft. of torque—about 300 lbs.-ft. less than you’ll be able to squeeze from a DD13 at a lower RPM.

All that torque is traveling through an Allison 4500 RDS Automatic.

There was ample power to blast up some fairly steep grades on my test drive and while this truck isn’t going to break any land-speed records, you’d be challenged to find a scenario where it can’t deliver the torque needed to get the job done.

The XD-25 features a 22,000 pound front axle and a 70,000 pound tandem axle in the rear with an 85,000 pound Chalmers suspension. John Tomlinson, XD and vocational sales manager for Western Star, says the Chalmers suspension has become a standard across the XD lineup because of the articulation it provides. A 23,000 pound front axle will be available in September when the DD13 becomes the standard engine.

For a truck of its size, the XD-25 has a shockingly tight turning radius—a feature that will be carried over to newer model XD-40s.

Arrigoni says the XD lineup was designed to be more truck-like for ease of maintenance. Butterfly hoods provide easier engine access and point-to-point wiring with an in-cab fuse panel simplify diagnostics. A quick disconnect system allows the entire fender and air cleaner to be easily removed in one piece for larger engine work. But while the process of engineering the truck may have been truck-like, the XD-25 is certainly a worksite warrior.

Rest of lineup gets new options

Western Star also announced several new options available to other trucks in its lineup:

♦ RollTek Seats, which feature side-impact airbags, are now available for Western Star 4700, 4800 and 4900 truck models. The RollTek seat system also tightens seat belts and compresses air suspension seats to the lowest position to prevent serious injuries to the driver in the event of a rollover.

♦ New sealed frame rail for Western Star 4700, 4800 and 4900 truck models, reduces corrosion on double channel and partial liner configurations. Sealed along the edges, the flexible water-tight seal prevents the intrusion of liquids and minimizes rust that might occur due to environmental factors and road de- icing products.

♦ Abrasion tape for exterior harnesses for Western Star 4700 and 5700 truck models helps improve durability. Each harness is wrapped in an abrasion-resistant seal and then fastened securely to the frame rails to prevent damage to the wires from debris, water and chafing.

♦ An aluminum diamond plate battery box that features cab access and increased ground clearance is available for the Western Star 4700.

♦ The Western Star 4800 and 4900 have an optional Detroit 23,000-lb front steer axle that is up to 40 lbs. lighter than other brands.

♦ An aftermarket-installed five-man crew cab for Western Star 4700, 4800, 4900 and 6900 truck models can now be spec’d with either two or four doors. A 12-dash inch backpack is also available for additional storage.

♦ The Western Star 5700 is now available in a truck configuration for expeditor and RV applications in a day cab or sleeper.

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IronDirect launches new lineup of 10 Shantui hydrostatic dozers


The DH13K is among 10 new Shantui hydrostatic dozers launched by IronDirect.

IronDirect, an online equipment seller primarily known as a sales platform for Chinese-made heavy equipment, has added a lineup of 10 Shantui dozers to its product offerings.

The new machines maintain track and blade control with fully hydrostatic transmissions that automatically adjust to load conditions.

Track speed and direction can be controlled individually from the cab with a joystick and integrated thumb wheel. Another joystick controls the six-way, power-angle-tilt blade. Steering and blade control have three settings: aggressive, standard and fine.

A foot pedal controls engine and brake functions. Depressing the pedal slows transmission and engine speed simultaneously when in deceleration mode. In brake mode, depressing the pedal slows transmission but not the engine. Taking your foot off the pedal engages the brake in both modes.

The cabs are designed with rollover and falling-object protection. A 7-inch monitor displays machine data. A rearview camera comes standard. The cab is also climate-controlled, and it’s sealed and pressurized to reduce noise and dust. It also features storage space, wide doors, radio and MP3 player, and a USB charger.

The 10 new models range from 90 to 170 net horsepower. Four of the dozers are standard-track XL models designed for hard, rocky soil. Six low-ground-pressure (LGP) models are geared for working on softer ground.

The models in the lineup are as follows:

♦ DH08J LGP and DH08J XL, with operating weights of 18,157 pounds for the LGP and 17,681 pounds for the XL model. They run on a Cummins Tier 3, 90-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 28,200 pound-feet; track shoes are 24 inches LGP and 18 inches XL; blade capacity is 2.7 cubic yards LGP and 2.5 cubic yards XL.

♦ DH10J LGP and DH10J XL, with operating weights of 20,944 pounds for the LGP and 20,283 pounds for the XL model. They run on a Cummins Tier 3, 107-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 34,000 pound-feet; track shoes are 26 inches LGP and 18 inches XL; blade capacity is 3.5 cubic yards LGP and 3.1 cubic yards XL.

♦ DH13J LGP and DH13J XL, with operating weights of 31,526 pounds LGP and 30,206 pounds XL. They run on a Cummins Tier 3, 130-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 45,000 pound-feet; track shoes are 30 inches LGP and 22 inches XL; blade capacity is 4.4 cubic yards LGP and 4 cubic yards XL.

♦ DH13K LGP, with operating weight of 31,526 pounds. It is powered by a FPT Tier 4 Final, 154-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 45,000 pound-feet. Track shoes are 30 inches and blade capacity is 4.83 cubic yards.

♦ DH16J LGP and DH16J XL, with operating weights of 40,351 LGP and 37,783 XL. They run on a Cummins Tier 3, 170-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 52,000 pound-feet; track shoes are 32 inches LGP and 24 inches XL; blade capacity is 5.7 cubic yards LGP and 4.9 cubic yards XL.

♦ DH16J2 LGP, with operating weight of 40,351 pounds. It is powered by a Cummins Tier 4i, 170-horsepower engine. Drawbar pull is 35,000 pound-feet; track shoes are 32 inches; blade capacity is 5.7 cubic yards.

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Hitachi eyes North American distribution network with Sullair purchase


Hitachi’s ZX350LC-6 excavator.

Hitachi is purchasing Sullair from Accudyne to pick up the company’s portable air compressor business and as a means of tapping into the brand’s sales network with a primary focus on the North American market. The announced purchase price is $1.245 billion.

“We are thrilled by the prospect of partnering with Hitachi to grow Sullair as we embark together on the next chapter in our proud history,” says Sullair President Jack Carlson.

Hitachi will have access to roughly 200 dealers in North America, and plans to also use the purchase to provide Sullair’s customers with digital solutions or Internet of Things (IOT) compatible products. Sullair will be under the Hitachi Industrial Products Business Unit.

Hitachi has been providing its own range of compressors in Japan and Asia and plans to add these products to the Sullair lineup, and along with the dealership expansion, “increase the scale of the air compressor business.”

“Through this fusion with Sullair’s strengths, Hitachi will increase its competitiveness and strengthen the air compressor business, and at the same time, by utilizing Sullair’s global footprint, mainly in North America, we will accelerate the global rollout of the Social Innovation Business,” says Masakazu Aoki, executive vice president at Hitachi and CEO of the Industrial Products Business Unit.

Through the Social Innovation Business effort, Hitachi says it integrated a “market-in business structure composed of ‘front’, ‘platform’ and ‘products’, back in April 2016. The “front” business has been working with customers on the “Lumada” IoT platform.

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Video promocional para el mes de Mayo


Five dealer advantages from using auctions for trucks


At the February Ritchie Bros. auction in Orlando, Class 8 trucks, particularly pre-emission models, sold well, while used Class 8 trucks overall brought in higher prices than in the 4th quarter of 2016.

More dealers are turning to auction companies as a way to relieve their used truck glut. While auctions typically net lower prices than the retail markets, auctions’ benefits can make up for the difference.

The biggest advantage is speed. Instead of turnover measured in months with no sure sign of ending, the auction process is a more defined process taking a matter of weeks.

A February 2017 Successful Dealer survey showed 72 percent of dealers turn used trucks in 60 days or more, and 43 percent need at least three months to move the average used truck.

“If equipment marketing and sales isn’t your core business, selling on your own can be time-consuming and fruitless,” says Mike Cerilli, vice president, marketing at Ritchie Bros.

Stacy Tracy, national director of sales at Taylor & Martin, says auction houses also have proven their worth in normal markets. “Auctions are no longer a method used only by those in distressed situations,” he says. “We can move large quantities of equipment in short order and retain close to retail value.”

Sellers have options

Many auction companies are offering online selling tools to supplement conventional onsite sales. These additional channels can reach much further than dealers’ internal sales team or website.

Some auctions feature unreserved sales, with no price floor, so that all items are sold to the highest bidder. Others will offer a reserve to ensure the seller earns a minimum price. In reserved auction where a truck does not sell, an auction house can add the unit to its sales programs and continue looking for a buyer.

Tracy says Taylor & Martin also offers “guarantee pricing.” If a truck sells for less than a predetermined bottom line, Taylor & Martin pays the difference and charges a higher commission, Tracy says.

“We conduct more than 350 live auctions each year and sell items daily on our EquipmentOne marketplace,” Cerilli says.

Larger inventory attracts more customers

Using the same internet tools used by savvy truck dealers, auction houses draw the attention of many more customers because the scale is so much greater, Cerilli says.

“There are tens of thousands of trucks available for sale around the world on any given day,” he says. “We make sure they focus on yours through multi-faceted marketing campaigns that target both local and international buyers.”

They’re aggressive in promoting, too. All units listed in TruckPlanet’s weekly auctions are featured online for two weeks before going to market, says Paul Blalock, vice president of sales at IronPlanet and its subsidiary TruckPlanet.

Payments are expedited

Because buyers are typically smaller fleets and owner-operators, they often require financial assistance. Most auction houses eliminate that risk for sellers by assuming responsibility for securing financial assistance and completing all transactions. Tracy says Taylor & Martin pays out 10 days after a sale.

Also, he says the company guarantees a sale once a truck passes through an auction. For example, if a purchaser backs out four days after the sale, that loss falls to the auction house.

“We take that on as our problem, not yours,” Tracy says.

TruckPlanet’s customers have three days after winning an online auction to submit payment, Blalock says. Once the company has received payment and shipped the title, the seller’s net earnings are dispensed.

Dealers can benefit from buying

Auctions also can be a lifeline for dealers challenged with finding trucks to meet a customer’s needs.

Say a buyer is looking for five tractors spec’d a specific way and a dealer has only three. The dealer is much more likely to find the additional two tractors via auction than by calling neighboring dealers. That’s especially true if the request is highly specific or requires a truck brand the dealer isn’t associated with.

Blalock says TruckPlanet makes a point of noting its similarly spec’d models purchased from a single owner so purchasers can see how many duplicate models are readily available.

This report is from Big Iron Dealer’s sister site, Successful Dealer, and is part of a series on the best practices for moving used trucks. Read the previous report, “How to find the pricing “sweet spot” for used trucks,” here.

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Equipment Roundup: Deere unveils futuristic backhoe; Philippi-Hagenbuch truck attachments; Cummins oil analysis for X15; Case CX245D excavator; New ARDCO AMTs


Rear eject bodies, concrete planer among Philippi-Hagenbuch’s 4 new truck attachments

Philippi-Hagenbuch has released four new products to improve truck performance for dumping, hauling, concrete planing and carrying water.

♦ Rear Eject Bodies, which eliminate the need to raise the body of the truck to dump.

♦ Autogate Tailgates, which increase hauling capacity by as much as 20 percent.

♦ Rolling Wedge Concrete Planer, which reduces energy consumption by as much as 80 percent.

♦ HiVol Water Tanks, which have a 60,000-gallon capacity and fit any off-highway truck.

Read the full story here.

Cummins launches oil analysis program, connectivity features for X15 engines

Cummins is launching several new features in its effort to optimize maintenance procedures and lower cost of ownership for its fleet customers.

Cummins OilGuard, first mentioned at the launch of the company’s new X15 heavy-duty engine last summer, is now available. The engine oil analysis program is offered free of charge for customers that sign up and receive oil sample kits to send back to Cummins’ laboratory for analysis. Cummins personnel analyze the oil and make recommendations on oil drain intervals, which Cummins says can be up to 80,000 miles depending on the application.

“Fleets with X15 engines are able to get tailored information to determine the best oil drain interval for the operation they run,” said Mark Ulrich, director of customer support. “With oil changes routinely costing $350 or more for the oil, oil filter, labor and disposal costs—and a typical over-the-road trucker performing two to three oil changes per year—we see the potential to significantly reduce costs and downtime, with some customers needing an oil change only once a year.”

Read the full story here.

John Deere unveils Fixstern: A lightweight vision for the backhoe of the future (VIDEO)

Off to one side at Deere’s ConExpo booth, attendees were asked to don a set of virtual reality goggles to get a glimpse of Deere’s vision of what a backhoe might look like in 10 or more years.

Dubbed “Fixstern”—which is German for “fixed star”—the project behind the VR experience is the creation of Deere and Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary. The terminology is designed to convey a “far-future vision or focal point” that everyone can align to and drive towards, Deere says.

Robert Moore with Deere sat down with Equipment World at the show to go over how Deere sees the Fixstern Backhoe project unfolding. “This is really a next-decade-plus process,” he says. “And while it defines where we want to be in more than a decade from now, in going toward that vision we can take small pieces of it and bring those to the present to apply to our product lines.”

Read the full story here.

Case launches CX245D, its most powerful minimum-swing excavator

Case has unveiled what it calls its most powerful and efficient minimum-swing radius excavator with the CX245D.

Case boosted digging force to 34,600 pounds and lifting capacity to 22,950 pounds compared to the previous model. The company says the CX245D is designed for confined job sites, such as road and bridge work, residential projects and urban construction.

The 60,000-pound excavator is powered by a 160-horsepower Tier 4 Final engine.

Read the full story here.

ARDCO’s latest Articulating Multipurpose Trucks handle range of jobsites, applications

ARDCO has introduced its new Articulating Multipurpose Trucks (AMT). The new AMT 400 and AMT 600 can operate under a variety of configurations, including bare chassis, flatbed, water tank, fuel tank, dump bed, service and lube station, utility bed, personal carrier, pipe trailer or drill.

The choices continue with tires, with a variety of tractor, construction, terra or sand types available.

The AMT 600 runs on a 250-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel engine and has a payload of 45,000 pounds. It offers four- or six-wheel drive. The AMT 400 is powered by a 200-horsepower version of the Cummins engine and has a maximum payload of 28,000 pounds. It offers two- or four-wheel drive. Both have a top speed of 23 mph.

Read the full story here.

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Business Roundup: Cat to move global HQ to Deerfield; Topcon adds Griner and Schmitz to dealer network; Cat sales up; Hino Trucks adds dealers to Certified Ultimate Network


Caterpillar will move global HQ to Deerfield, lll., beginning this year

Nearly three months after announcing plans that the company would be moving its global headquarters from Peoria to Chicago, Caterpillar has actually settled on a location a bit further north.

By mid-2018, the world’s no. 1 heavy equipment manufacturer plans to call the Chicago suburb of Deerfield its new home. The company will move into Corporate 500 office park and will move about 100 employees to the new location by the end of this year. A total of about 300 will be moved in total, Cat says. The company has established a multi-year lease agreement with the office park.

The Deerfield location was chosen because of its close location to downtown and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Cat notes that it is centrally located to major interstates and offers direct access to the Chicago Metra, a commuter rail system.

Read the full story here.

Topcon adds Griner and Schmitz to its Topcon Solutions Store network

Topcon Positioning Group has added Kansas City, Missouri-based Griner and Schmitz to its Topcon Solutions Store distribution network, bringing the total number of North American sites to 11. The network was created in early 2016.

“Griner and Schmitz has long been well regarded in customer support and business growth in the Kansas City region, and offers a wealth of experience in meeting customers’ needs,” says Terry Studebaker, director, Topcon Retail Operations. “Now, joined under the Topcon Solutions Store business model, its strengths will be combined and advanced by the experience and capabilities of the other locations as well.”

The dealer has more more than 100 years of experience in the surveying, construction, and engineering industry.

Read the full story here.

Cat sales & revenue grow in same quarter for first time in 2 years; profit down 16%

Caterpillar sales and revenue for the first quarter of 2017 reached $9.8 billion, a 4-percent increase compared to the same period last year, with profit per share lower at $0.32, compared to 2016. However, excluding restructuring costs, the figure was $1.28 and twice the same metric for last year.

The company attributes the increase to boosted sales volume primarily in the Resource Industries category due to demand for aftermarket parts. Likewise, Energy & Transportation sales volume was up a bit because of aftermarket demand for reciprocating engines. Sales volume for the Construction Industries segment was flat, however.

“Our team delivered outstanding operational performance and, for the first time in more than two years, same quarter sales and revenues increased,” says Caterpillar CEO Jim Umpleby. “We’re also benefiting from our significant cost reduction and restructuring actions, which have improved cash flow and further strengthened an already healthy balance sheet. With this momentum, we will continue to focus investment on improving our competitive position by investing in new technologies and improving our productivity to deliver profit growth and shareholder value.”

Read the full story here.

Hino Trucks adds 5 dealers to Certified Ultimate network

Hino Trucks has added five dealers to its Certified Ultimate network, a program that aims to provide customers with “higher standards at every touch-point throughout the lifecycle of product ownership.”

These dealerships include:

♦ H.K. Truck Services, Plainfield, New Jersey

♦ Bentley Truck Services, New Castle, Delaware

♦ Lynch Truck Center, Waterford, Wisconsin

♦ Matheny Motor Truck, Mineral Wells, West Virginia

♦ Industrial Power Truck & Equipment, Ft. Worth, Texas (second Certified Ultimate location)

Read the full story here.

U.S. home starts fall 6.2% in March

Total home starts fell 6.8 percent to a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 1.215 million, according to preliminary data from the Commerce Department. Total starts remain 9.2 percent above the March 2016 figure.

Single-family starts fell 6.2 percent to a rate of 821,000 while multi-family starts fell 6.1 percent to a rate of 385,000. Those rates remain up 9.3 and 9.1 percent, respectively, over their year-ago figures.

Building permits, a good barometer of how the homebuilding industry is trending, were up 3.6 percent in March to a rate of 1.26 million. Permits are up 17 percent above the March 2016 rate.

The National Association of Home Builders reports that confidence among its members fell 3 points to a reading of 68 in the latest release of the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI). Any reading above a 50 indicates most home builders believe market conditions are good.

Read the full story here.

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I-85 Update: Georgia DOT says bridge will be rebuilt and open by May 25


Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Commissioner Russell McMurray says the I-85 bridge over Piedmont Road reconstruction near Atlanta will be finished and open by May 25 in time for the annual heavy traffic weekend before Memorial Day.

GDOT’s original estimated completion date had been June 15.

The bridge was destroyed by fire at the end of March, shutting down a major artery for commuters in Atlanta. GDOT and local officials have been coordinating to promote alternate routes, encouraging mass transit options and recommending telecommuting or flexible work hours for motorists.

GDOT has offered contractor C.W. Matthews incentives to finish the project sooner than June 15, with an additional $1.5 million to the contractor if the work is completed by May 25. Prior to this incentive package, GDOT had listed the total cost for the project including demolition at $13.5 million. The total cost if the contractor sticks to the May 25 date would be $15 million.

If C.W. Matthews were to complete the project by May 21, they would get $2 million and an additional $200,000 per day for each day before May 21, with a maximum of $3.1 million in incentives.

GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry (left) and Director of Construction Marc Mastronardi announce the I-85 rebuild project will open prior to Memorial Day weekend. (GDOT)

“From the ability to quickly procure the construction materials needed, to the availability of work crews and good weather conditions, we’ve been fortunate to be dealing with best case scenarios throughout this whole project,” says GDOT Director of Construction Marc Mastronardi. “The progress is apparent, but there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be completed before the highway can be safely opened to the public.”

GDOT reports the northbound travel lanes are complete and four of the six decks have been poured. Once all the decks are in place for three days, the agency says, the concrete barriers will be poured, along with grinding and grooving of the pavement surface, joint sealing and striping.

To provide visual updates on the constant work on the project, OxBlue is providing a live video photo and access to time-lapse photos here.

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Acosta confirmed as next Secretary of Labor


The U.S. Senate has confirmed Alexander Acosta to be the next Secretary of Labor, making him the only Latino in Trump’s Cabinet, The Hill reports.

Democratic senators Catherine Cortez-Masto (Nev.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Angus King (Maine), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Bob Menendez (N.J.), Bill Nelson (Fla.), Jon Tester (Mont.), and Mark Warner (Va.) joined with the Republican Senators to confirm Acosta by a vote of 60-38.

Acosta is the last cabinet member to be appointed to President Trump’s team just two days before the administration’s 100th day. The Senate can now move forward with selecting a new head for the other positions within the Department of Labor. U.S. Senate.

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Now law, $52.4 billion Calif. transportation bill to raise funds through tax increases


Gov. Jerry Brown has signed California’s SB 1, also known as the Road Repair and Accountability act of 2017, which will provide $52.4 billion over 10 years for transportation infrastructure improvements.

California lawmakers approved the measure in early April.

“Safe and smooth roads make California a better place to live and strengthen our economy,” Brown says. “This legislation will put thousands of people to work.”

SB 1 raises the gasoline excise tax by 12 cents per gallon, to 30 cents, the diesel excise tax by 20 cents and the diesel sales tax by 4 percent. It also includes a per vehicle transportation improvement fee of no more than $50 for 87 percent of vehicles, and a $100 fee on zero emissions vehicles. The bill also outlines efficiencies in the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) that could save $100 million.

Officials estimate the gas and diesel excise and sales taxes, which begin Nov.1, will bring in $35.2 billion; the improvement fee, which starts Jan. 1, 2018, will supply $16.3 billion; and the zero emission fee, set to begin July 1, 2020, will provide $200 million. Another $706 million will come from General Fund loan repayments. These taxes and fees will cost “most drivers” about $10 a month, officials report.

The funds will be split evenly, with half going toward local streets and transportation infrastructure needs and half being used at the state level.

For local efforts, the estimated breakdown of spending includes:

  • $15 billion in “Fix-It-First” road repairs, including potholes
  • $7.5 billion for public transportation improvments
  • $2 billion to support “self-help” communities making their own investments in transportation improvements
  • $1 billion for improvements to walking and bicycling infrastructure
  • $825 million to the State Transportation Improvement Program local contribution
  • $250 million in local transportation grants

For statewide efforts, the spending amounts and areas include:

  • $15 billion for “Fix-It-First” highway repairs, including efforts to create smoother pavement
  • $4 billion for bridge and culvert repairs
  • $3 billion for improvements to trade corridors
  • $2.5 billion for minimizing congestions on “major commute corridors”
  • $1.4 billion for “other” transportation investments, such as $275 million set aside for highway and intercity-transit improvements

Legislators also added accountability measures into the bill, including:

  • Constitutional amendment, ACA 5 for voter approval on the June 2018 ballot, to prohibit spending the funds on anything but transportation
  • Inspector General to ensure Caltrans and any entities receiving state transportation funds spend taxpayer dollars efficiently, effectively and in compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Provision that empowers the California Transportation Commission to hold state and local government accountable for making the transportation improvements they commit to delivering
  • Authorization for the California Transportation Commission to review and allocate Caltrans funding and staffing for highway maintenance to ensure those levels are reasonable and responsible
  • Authorization for Caltrans to complete earlier mitigation of environmental impacts from construction, a policy that will reduce costs and delays while protecting natural resources

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