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Lanzamiento de nuevos productos Feb. 2018


VIDEO: Attempt to load excavator onto truck goes horribly wrong


Though we’ve seen a fair share of loading mishaps occur even when a ramp is present, this operator’s attempt to side saddle his excavator underscores the world of pain you can avoid by simply loading a machine properly.

Beyond the absence of a ramp, it’s doubtful this excavator even completely fits on to the bed of this small truck. In less than a second, this machine went from loaded to unloaded.

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GERESA Novedades Febrero 2018


Mack intros mDrive split-shaft PTOs that pump concrete high into the sky, shows off redesigned Granite cabs


So, what do you want first, form or function?

Let’s go with form.

Everybody knows how hard it is to find and retain CDL drivers. Mack’s solution, shown at the World of Concrete show last week, is a lap-o-luxury styled cab with automotive-style appointments and comforts for its Granite line of vocational trucks.

It starts with a flat bottomed steering wheel, which offers a little more upper leg and belly room, especially when getting in and out of the cab, and a better view of the dash, says Tim Wrinkle, construction product manager. Bluetooth and audio system buttons can be spec’ed for the new wheel. Dashboard gauges have been rearranged for optimum visibility. No more tilting your head up or slouching down to read the speedometer. Switches have been pulled in closer to the driver—no need to stretch halfway across the cab to punch one of these. The switches are also LED-lit and laser etched so their lettering won’t wear off in a few years.

A new five-inch color Mack Co-Pilot display behind the steering wheel monitors essential vehicle functions. And a seven-inch display to the right of the steering wheel offers full infotainment capabilities with Apple Car Play, satellite radio, weather alerts, TomTom navigation and integration with third party back up camera systems.

Automatic temperature control (set-it-and-forget-it) comes standard with the HVAC. Mack engineers put the cup holders and storage bins in a new, lower console that’s removable for cleaning. For your phones, tablets, laptops and ELD devices there are multiple USB charging ports and a non-slip pad atop the dash, so your devices don’t slide around in turns or acceleration/deceleration.

Another nice touch: the door, when opened, shines light on the ground; a helpful safety feature, especially for drivers on unpaved construction sites.

Split-shaft PTO

On the functionality front, nothing in the trucking world requires more PTO torque than pumping wet concrete. At World of Concrete, Mack announced a new, integrated split-shaft PTO for its mDrive HD automated manual transmission that can handle the extreme demands of pushing wet concrete 30 stories into the sky.

Most traditional PTOs generate only about 400 foot-pounds of torque. But a split shaft design can crank out up to 14,000-foot pounds of torque, says Wrinkle.

The split shaft PTO is mounted in the middle of the driveline and takes its torque directly from the transmission to power concrete pumps, vacuum bodies, or high-pressure liquid transfer operations, says Wrinkle. When the split-shaft PTO is engaged, power to the axles is disengaged and this allows the transmission to start in 7th through 12th gear and shift to the desired continuous operation in 11th or 12th gear.

The new split-shaft PTO on Mack mDrive automatic transmissions handles high-torque demands like pumping wet concrete.

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Kid cancer survivors get to operate construction equipment at Vegas fundraiser


The construction industry is rallying to fight childhood cancer.

The American Cancer Society’s Construction vs. Cancer will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. February 10 in Symphony Park in Las Vegas. The event, sponsored by Las Vegas Paving Corporation, allows more than 1,200 young cancer survivors to sit in and operate, with the help of construction industry professionals, heavy construction equipment like backhoes, dozers and excavators.

Many of southern Nevada’s largest construction and mining companies are funding the event, which raises money for programs and services for cancer sufferers and for research, according to NevadaBusiness.com.

The event features an appearance by MindFreak magician Criss Angel, who will receive the cancer society’s Compassionate Heart Award, presented by Barrick.

Other highlights of the event include a performance by MGM Grand headliners Jabbawockeez, Falynne Lewing’s “Michael Jackson: A Thrilling Tribute!”, and Trapeze Las Vegas Aerial Angels – Circus Performers. There will also be food trucks, face painting and games.

For more information, contact Denise Keegan at Denise.Keegan@cancer.org or at 702-891-9007; or go to constructionvscancer.org/.

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AED leader: ‘infrastructure talk must become action’


In response to President Donald Trump’s brief discussion of a plan for U.S. infrastructure during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, the head of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is calling for more than talk.

“While AED commends President Trump for continuing to focus on infrastructure investment, the time is long overdue for words to become action,” Brian P. McGuire, president and CEO of AED, says in a statement released January 31.

Trump called on Congress to produce a bill that generates at least $1.5 trillion for his new infrastructure investment. To fund his plan, Trump says federal appropriations should be “leveraged by partnering with state and local governments and, where appropriate, tapping into private sector investment.”

Calling America “a nation of builders,” the president says he advocates “streamlining” to shorten the permit approval process for infrastructure projects to as little as one or two years.

Democrats, mayors and others say the Trump plan lacks specifics.

With public safety at stake, the time to act is now, McGuire says, to begin rebuilding roads, highways, bridges, dams and other pieces of the infrastructure.

“Every day there are numerous examples of structurally deficient bridges, dams and levees and inadequate roads, airports and pipes. Time is wasted in traffic or sitting on an overcrowded runway. Clean water is squandered as water mains break. Lives are put at risk,” says McGuire.

“Our infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy. It impacts our quality of life, the competitiveness of our businesses and the safety and security of our country. Our leaders in Washington can no longer forsake their responsibility to invest in the nation’s infrastructure in a long-term, sustainable manner.

“AED members are ready to work with members of both parties to help make President Trump’s vision of a world-class infrastructure for the United States a reality. Further delay in Washington is unacceptable.”

A national report released this week underscores the need.

There are 54,259 U.S. bridges that are rated structurally deficient, says Alison Premo Black, chief economist for ARTBA, which advocates strong investment in U.S. infrastructure. Black conducted an analysis of the 2017 National Bridge Inventory database.

If placed end-to-end, the deficient bridges would stretch 1,216 miles, or nearly the distance between Miami and New York City, ARTBA says.

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Repairs to 88-year-old Plattsmouth Bridge completed


Plattsmouth Bridge.

Plattsmouth Bridge Commission spokesman Roger Johnson announced that repair work on the historic Plattsmouth Toll Bridge spanning the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa has been completed, The Plattsmouth Journal reports.

Repairs on the 0.2-mile bridge structure, which was originally built in 1929, began in November 2017 and included the replacement of multiple gusset plates and cross members.

“Everything was done without a problem,” Johnson told the news agency. “There were no issues that came up during the process.”

Johnson told the news agency that the commission spent $132,957.64 on engineering and design services, and contractor services cost $536,425. The total price tag included inspection services, engineering costs, and all of the repair work, as well as road signs to inform the public when the bridge would be closed.

Ayers Associates spent four days inspecting the bridge for any signs of rust, corroded bolts, or aging gusset plates, and delivered their findings to the Plattsmouth Bridge Commission. JMW Construction took those findings and developed a repair plan.

Johnson told the news agency that the weight limit on the bridge will be increased. Engineers are currently evaluating the bridge to determine a proper weight limit, which will be relayed to commission members who will adjust the weight limit accordingly.

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American Concrete Institute presents awards during World of Concrete


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) presented its ACI Construction Award and ACI Certification Awards during the World of Concrete in Las Vegas on January 24. The following people were recognized:

  • Brian P. Cresenzi, Materials Engineer, HNTB Corp., received the ACI Construction Award for the discussion of concrete production and concrete quality organization, as well as oversight testing and evaluation of the new NY Bridge designed for a 100-year service life without major rehabilitation.
  • Thomas L. Rozsits, Vice President and Director of Engineering, Ohio Concrete, received the ACI Certification Award for outstanding service on ACI Certification Committees and tireless service in developing, promoting, supporting, and delivering ACI Certification programs.
  • Genaro L. Salinas, FACI, Concrete Construction Consultant, Salinas Consultants, received the ACI Certification Award for outstanding service on ACI Certification Committees, and tireless service in developing, promoting, supporting, and delivering ACI Certification programs.
  • Wayne M. Wilson, FACI, Senior Technical Service Engineer, LafargeHolcim, received the ACI Certification Award for outstanding service on ACI Certification Committees, and tireless service in developing, promoting, supporting, and delivering ACI Certification programs.

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Program to train Mexican truck drivers reduces safety violations, Ariz. DOT says


The Arizona-Mexican border September 2005. Photo credit: Alan Levine from Strawberry, United States, on Wikimedia Commons

Arizona transportation officials report that a new safety instruction program it provides to truck drivers in Mexico is leading to fewer safety violations at the state’s international ports of entry.

“It’s a dramatic improvement that’s saving international carriers time and money, making Arizona roads safer and helping Arizona better appeal to drivers who might otherwise use ports in California or Texas,” the Arizona Department of Transportation says.

ADOT says that only two of 667 drivers who underwent its border inspection qualification training since August have entered Arizona with a violation that required immediate repairs. That represents a rate of .3 percent versus the 5 percent rate among other commercial drivers at ADOT’s international ports, according to the agency.

ADOT’s International Border Inspection Qualification program is the first in the United States. It sends trainers to Mexico to educate international truck drivers and company leaders about safety requirements for trucks on Arizona roads. The agency says the training will continue in 2018.

“In addition to making roads across Arizona safer, we are reducing inspection times and making Arizona’s international ports more appealing to commercial carriers,” says ADOT Director John Halikowski.

“More trucks entering the country in Arizona means an even greater boost to our economy,” Halikowski adds. “Those drivers use more services and buy more items in our state, which helps not only border communities but all of Arizona.”

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Ohio Turnpike handles most vehicles in 62-year history


The Ohio Turnpike logged another record year in traffic volume in 2017.

This is the third year in a row the turnpike has broken traffic records, with a total of 55.2 million vehicles traveling the tollway last year, up from 54.9 million in 2016, according to the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission.

The increased number of vehicles, however, did not lead to more traffic issues. The commission reports that the number of fatalities from crashes dropped in half from 12 in 2016 to six last year. It also reports the roadway remained free of traffic jams 99.84 percent of the time in 2017.

“With our continued focus on safety and efficiency, it’s especially satisfying to see a significant decline in fatalities and an increase in our free-flowing traffic,” said commission Executive Director Randy Cole. “Our customers expect a better way to travel without delays and we look forward to exceeding expectations again in 2018.”

The commission attributed the improved statistics to the following:

  • Increased use of night-time work in construction and maintenance zones when traffic volumes are lower, which keeps more lanes open during daytime travel;
  • Increased enforcement by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, including aerial enforcement of speed limits in construction zones;
  • Use of dynamic message boards to slow vehicles in construction zones;
  • Increased communication with drivers on zone notifications and the importance of safety, including driving without distractions, observing the speed limit and driving appropriately during inclement weather;
  • Installation of LED speed limit warning signs in lanes at busy toll plazas (Exits 71, 161 and 218);
  • Reduction of credit card transaction times as a result of a new credit card software processing system installed in 2016.

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