You gotta give these marketing guys some props. It isn’t easy coming up with new uses for an old product. But the people at 3M brainstormed up a new “application” if that’s the right word, for Post-it Notes it and created Post-it Extreme Notes for the construction industry.

These aren’t your typical wimpy office Post-it Notes. No sir! The new Extreme versions are made from Dura-Hold paper and adhesive that will withstand the extreme rigors of heat, cold, wind and water. According to the company they will stick to a variety of surfaces including steel, cement, PVC, plywood, brick, and stone.

Pricing starts at $4.99 for a 3”x3” 3-pack. So if you have punch lists, reminders or warnings to leave behind to the next crew on the job, check these out and leave no doubt, or excuses.

Source:: Equipment world