May 16, 2018

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’65 Chevy C10’s rusty exterior hides a pristine 1,200-hp 454 LSX engine under the hood


While this 1965 Chevy C10 may look pretty docile, with a 1,200-hp supercharged methanol injected 454 LSX lurking under that patina finish, it’ll eat up most anything on the street.

The pros at Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois, posted a video detailing the heavily modified build which was displayed at SEMA last fall.

Some of the coolest touches include the vintage Dr. Pepper cooler and Midwest lightning bolt ‘Gasoline’ can in the bed. The cooler houses the methanol (pictures posted below).

Fair warning…once you start watching Roadster’s video, it’s pretty hard to stop. Even the welds on this custom frame are hypnotic. And while we’re intrigued with the Rasta meets Pink Floyd soundtrack, we’d rather hear that 454 roar. Maybe next time.

Other specs:

  • T-56 Magnum Transmission (Bowler Performance)
  • Kenne Bell Supercharger
  • Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis
  • Baer Brakes
  • FORGELINE built OE1 wheels
  • Avant Garde Design Interior Hidden

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Hiab’s new light loader cranes designed for easier operation


Hiab’s new X-HIPRO 122 has an advanced remote-control system.

Hiab has updated its 4- to 12-ton range of loader cranes to make them easier to operate, safer and more efficient, the company says.

Products in the new series include the HIAB X-HIPRO 122, which the company says has the most advanced remote-control system in the industry. The knuckle-boom crane has a 12-ton lifting capacity and outreach of 18 feet to 47 feet 10.8 inches.

Features include semi-automatic folding, which allows the operator to fold and unfold the boom system in one sequence with one lever; crane tip control, a software feature that puts into one lever crane operations that used to require simultaneous control of up to three operations; and load stability system for vertical movements, which automatically compensates for excessive lever movement in vertical operations, making operations faster and smoother and protecting the crane against potential damage.

Hiab offers four options for remote- and manual-control systems for the light range, which consists of 16 models. The cranes are made of high-tensile steel, which keeps their weight low but gives them higher load capacity.

The new cranes are also easier to service, with key components positioned for fast access. For example, the integrated oil tank in the crane base can be installed without rearranging truck components. And the new models can be configured with various options for easy mounting on the truck chassis.

The light range loader cranes come with a two-year warranty and a five-year warranty for the steel structure.

The X-HIDUO 082 features remote control, semi-automiact folding and load stability system for vertical movements.

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AUSA unveils D601AHG all-terrain site dumper, electric dumper prototype


AUSA D601AHG dumper

Display on the AUSA D601AHG dumper.

With a 13,200-plus pound load capacity, the new 74-horsepower D601AHG site dumper from AUSA features telematics and what the company calls a Full Visibility System. AUSA says the machine is “the first hydrostatic dumper with a limited-slip differential on both axles,” a feature that gives it all-terrain traction.

The company’s Full Visibility System on the D601AHG uses 32-foot-range front and rear cameras with infrared night vision, along with eight 6.5-foot-range proximity sensors (four in the front and four in the back). An in-cab 7-inch digital display shows obstacle distance indications; the system also issues audible warnings.

The display also provides key machine operating information, including fluid level indicators, engine diagnostics, rpms, speed and light.

The dumper incorporates three automatic operating modes: ECO Mode, which regulates the engine to maximize fuel efficiency; Start&Stop, which switches the engine off when it’s not in use; and Transport Mode, which allows increased engine power for higher speeds.

Large steps give the machine additional accessibility. LED lights are standard. The machine is available in North America.

Electric dumper

At the recent Intermat show, AUSA showcased it D100AHA electric prototype dumper, which is says is the first electric dumper with a cab. The 13-kilowatt compact dumper can operate for 6 hours at maximum power, giving the machine a full-day’s power during typical use.

The 1-ton-capacity machine can be connected to a 220-volt outlet, and can be recharged in 5 hours.

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For truck fleet managers, new Azuga DashCam transmits a visual snapshot of driving incidents, driver behavior


GPS fleet-tracking technology can help contractors and truck fleets reduce accident rates by up to 70 percent. But when incidents do happen, it’s crucial that fleet managers, drivers, third parties and insurers have an accurate account of what caused the incident and the immediate outcome, Azuga says.

To that end, the telematics firm has added the new Azuga DashCam to it’s lineup of fleet tracking solutions.

Now fleet managers can now review video footage that is automatically triggered to record what happens before, during and after an incident is detected, the company says.

“At Azuga, we believe that all businesses deserve to reap the benefits of top-of-the-line fleet tracking technology, regardless of their budget,” says Ananth Rani, co-founder and CEO of Azuga.

“With our range of Azuga DashCam solutions, we’ve made it financially feasible for every fleet manager to have a visual snapshot of their drivers’ behaviors when driving incidents occur,” he explains.

“By combining Azuga DashCam with our social telematics solution that uses gamification to reward drivers for safe driving, fleet managers can rest assured knowing that they are empowering their drivers to make the safest driving decisions while on the road.”

Azuga DashCam continuously monitors driving activity, and when triggered, it automatically records up to 10 seconds of video before and after an incident is detected related to hard braking, sudden acceleration or hard cornering.

These video clips are transmitted directly to the cloud and then added to individual driver” breadcrumb reports” that include specific time, date, location and speed details.

Videos are analyzed and given a video risk score to help fleet managers easily determine whether drivers are at fault for incidents – and whether driver behavior modification is necessary, the press release says.

This new suite of video solutions provide fleets with accurate, real-time visibility into driver behavior during vehicle incidents. The most affordable option, Azuga DashCam Lite, uses a driver’s smartphone camera for video monitoring and is priced at $7.99 per month (plus wireless carrier data plan charges).

For fleet requiring more comprehensive monitoring, Azuga offers two additional Azuga DashCam versions with standalone wireless cameras and optional advanced recording features. Pricing for more advanced versions of Azuga DashCam varies based on fleets’ specific needs and customizations, the company says.

The technology provides these benefits, Azuga says:

  • Drivers’ view of the road
  • In-car camera for incidents-based coaching
  • Reduced insurance premium and faster insurance claims
  • Accessibility, including sharing and sending videos by air
  • Tamper proof

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Survey finds more manufacturers than dealers worry about metal tariffs, but they share same view on tax reform benefits


Members of Equipment Dealers Association have been among heavy equipment industry groups lobbying on Capitol Hill.

A new survey by the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has found that fewer dealers than manufacturers anticipate negative impacts of the steel and aluminum tariffs pushed by President Donald Trump.

In April, the groups surveyed members about the anticipated impact on their businesses of the metal tariffs and also the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

There were substantial differences in the opinions of dealers compared to manufacturers over the recent trade tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration on steel and aluminum, a press release on the survey reports.

“One surprising discrepancy was the opinion on how these tariffs would impact the U.S. economy,” the press release says.

“Although a substantial number of survey takers stated that they believe these tariffs will negatively impact the U.S. economy, it appears that a smaller percentage of dealer participants held this sentiment as compared to manufacturer participants.

“Only 45.5 percent of dealers said that the tariffs would negatively impact the economy as compared to 61.9 percent of manufacturers who said the same.”

Screenshot of an ad produced by the Association of Equipment Managers encouraging President Trump to ‘just say no’ to steel tariffs.

“About 30 percent of equipment manufactured in the United States is eventually intended for export,” Dennis Slater, AEM president, has said. “Tariffs or quotas on steel and aluminum imports will burden U.S. manufacturers with higher costs while our competitors in China, India and Mexico will get a free pass to use the cheapest input materials they can find.”

Reactions to new tax code positive

The survey identified eight provisions of the new tax code and asked respondents to rank them from the most beneficial to the least beneficial for their company’s respective operations.

Dealers and manufacturers were in consensus that the two most beneficial provisions were the lower corporate tax rate and secondly, the favorable expensing provisions for new and used equipment.

“When asked if there were any troubling components of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, survey takers uniformly agreed that there were no provisions which they believed were negatively impacting their businesses,” the press release says.

This was the first of several Policy Pulse surveys that will be conducted in 2018.

To view additional data and analysis as well as comments from dealers and manufacturers who participated in the survey, click here.

The next EDA/AEM joint survey will be released this summer and cover new and used inventory.

About the trade groups behind the survey

The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) – formerly known as the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) – is a non-profit trade organization that represents about 4,500 retail dealerships across the United States and Canada. The group’s mission is to help build the best business environment for equipment dealers.

AEM is the North American-based international trade group providing innovative business development resources to advance the off-road equipment manufacturing industry in the global marketplace. AEM membership includes more than 950 companies, including 450 in the agriculture sector and more than 200 product lines in agriculture, construction, forestry, mining and utility sectors worldwide.

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Despite April’s decline in starts, homebuilder confidence remains strong due to growing demand for single-family homes


After March saw a jump in multi-family home starts fuel growth among total U.S. home starts, a sharp decrease in multi-family starts in April has led to a 3.7-percent decline among all starts.

Home starts fell to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.287 million homes, according to preliminary data from the Commerce Department.

Following March’s 16.1-percent jump, multi-family starts fell 12.6 percent in April to a rate of 374,000. However, multi-family starts remain 19.1 percent above the April 2017 rate.

Single-family starts were nearly flat in April, up 0.1 percent to a rate of 894,000. Single-family starts are 7.2 percent above the April 2017 total.

Building permits, a good barometer of where the housing market is moving, fell 1.8 percent in April to a rate of 1.352 million. Permits are 7.7 percent above the April 2017 rate.

Builder confidence in the housing market, measured by the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index, rose to an even stronger level in the latest index. The May report fr0m the NAHB shows confidence rising two points to a reading of 70. Any reading above a 50 indicates most home builders believe market conditions are good.

“The solid May report shows that builders are buoyed by growing consumer demand for single-family homes,” said NAHB Chairman Randy Noel. “However, the record-high cost of lumber is hurting builders’ bottom lines and making it more difficult to produce competitively priced houses for newcomers to the market.”

“Tight housing inventory, employment gains and demographic tailwinds should continue to boost demand for newly-built single-family homes,” addedNAHB chief economist Robert Dietz. “With these fundamentals in place, the housing market should improve at a steady, gradual pace in the months ahead.”

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Key Jersey Shore bridge reopens after 3 years of repair and rehabilitation


Thomas A. Mathis Bridge. Google Earth screen shot.

On May 5, the New Jersey Department of Transportation issued a news release saying the final phase of repair and rehabilitation work on the Thomas A. Mathis Bridge on the Jersey Shore was completed, and all lanes were opened to traffic, WHYY reports.

Work on the mile-long Route 37 causeway between Ocean County’s Toms River and the Barnegat Bay Island began in 2015.

Most of the work on the $56.4 million, federally-funded project, which involved deck replacement, safety improvements, and mechanical and electrical work on the bridge span, took place during the offseason months. Crews also rehabilitated the bridge operator’s house, made structural steel repairs to the anchor and bascule spans and the electrical and mechanical systems that operate the bridge and warning gates, and upgraded the video monitoring system.

Officials say even though the work is “essentially” complete, there may be occasional daily single lane closures on the span between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday, for final completion work.

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Underground Construction Association announces award winners and project of the year, Northern Boulevard Crossing


The Underground Construction Association of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (UCA of SME) announced the recipients of its top awards. The following awards will be presented during the North American Tunneling Conference on June 26, 2018:

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Dr. Harvey Parker

Dr. Harvey Parker.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Harvey Parker for his contributions to the U.S. and global tunneling industry for over five decades and recognition of his initiatives in public awareness of the role of tunneling and underground space in our everyday lives. His outstanding achievements include seeking advances in new methods, materials, and advancing the public understanding and concurrence with the beneficial uses of underground space.

Outstanding Educator Award Winner, Dr. Priscilla Nelson

Dr. Priscilla Nelson.

Outstanding Educator Award: Dr. Priscilla Nelson — for her contributions in the field of tunneling and her dedication to the education of a new generation of engineers specialized in underground construction and tunneling in the U.S. She is also being recognized for her initiatives as a role model and inspiration for young female students pursuing advanced degrees in the field of tunneling.

Outstanding Individual Award Winner, David Klug

Dave Klug.

Outstanding Individual Award: David Klug — for his contributions to the tunneling industry and leadership involvement in UCA of SME, and for his significant contributions to the field of tunneling and underground construction and to UCA of SME during the last two to five years, as well as sustained involvement in UCA of SME activities and its various committees.

Project of the Year Award: Northern Boulevard Crossing – Schiavone/Kiewit, AJV, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff, NYCMTA Capital Construction. At 85 feet below ground level, the Northern Boulevard Crossing was recognized as the most technically challenging aspect of New York City MTA’s East Side Access project.

“The Northern Boulevard Crossing was probably the most challenging 125 feet of tunnel ever undertaken in New York,” said Paul C. Schmall, Senior Vice President, Moretrench, in a company press release. “It was a great team effort that allowed several first-time technical achievements to make the whole thing possible.”

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