Hiab’s new X-HIPRO 122 has an advanced remote-control system.

Hiab has updated its 4- to 12-ton range of loader cranes to make them easier to operate, safer and more efficient, the company says.

Products in the new series include the HIAB X-HIPRO 122, which the company says has the most advanced remote-control system in the industry. The knuckle-boom crane has a 12-ton lifting capacity and outreach of 18 feet to 47 feet 10.8 inches.

Features include semi-automatic folding, which allows the operator to fold and unfold the boom system in one sequence with one lever; crane tip control, a software feature that puts into one lever crane operations that used to require simultaneous control of up to three operations; and load stability system for vertical movements, which automatically compensates for excessive lever movement in vertical operations, making operations faster and smoother and protecting the crane against potential damage.

Hiab offers four options for remote- and manual-control systems for the light range, which consists of 16 models. The cranes are made of high-tensile steel, which keeps their weight low but gives them higher load capacity.

The new cranes are also easier to service, with key components positioned for fast access. For example, the integrated oil tank in the crane base can be installed without rearranging truck components. And the new models can be configured with various options for easy mounting on the truck chassis.

The light range loader cranes come with a two-year warranty and a five-year warranty for the steel structure.

The X-HIDUO 082 features remote control, semi-automiact folding and load stability system for vertical movements.

Source:: Equipment world